A Dominant NT

     I can see the benefit of an improved pass rush this year... I know it is a passing league and some of us want to go get a FS.  I saw one of the posts earlier today where someone mentioned the best way to stop someone from shooting you is to go take their gun away rather than standing there and trying to stop the bullet with your teeth.  It is a pass happy league because all the rules favor the offense, so the best way to stop that is don't let them sit back there and pass the ball. 

     Really, if we wanted to improve our secondary we could just play prevent defense all game long(we know that doesn't work).  But here is a thought... A NT will help with our pash rush and secondary as well..... Here is what I mean...

     A NT that is pushing the pocket back gives a QB less options for avoiding the OLBs.  Otherwise the QB can just step up in the pocket and let the OLBs go right behind him.  This doesn't happen if a NT is in his face pushing him back.  Also, a NT pushing the pocket will occasionally mess up the C --> QB exchange as well as occasionally push the C onto the QB messing up his footwork.  A NT  that knows how to get his hands up will help to keep passes from getting to the secondary.  Not to mention a good NT will shut the running game down to the point that our OLBs can tee off on the QB.  To be honest as much as I liked Ferguson he was never the elite NT that a Vince Wilfork is. 

     Now the question is who is that elite NT in this year's draft.  This is the key.  He is not the stud that everyone looks at and says ... wow this guy looks great.  He is the sloppy fat tub of lard that is almost freakish in his ability to take over a game.  Cody is a dominant NT.  True Dan WIlliams is a good NT(much like Ferguson), but Cody is dominant. 

     We are going to have to worry about his weight probably, and if he can play 3 downs or not... But we will never have to worry about him losing too much weight ....

     Watch the tape --- the guy is a beast.  Yes he was 370 at the Senior Bowl.... get over it...We aren't looking for the guy with the quickest 40 time--- he finished the 40 and didn't pass out--AWESOME!!!!   ... that is the trap that people get in with picking NTs high in the draft.  You are not picking a pure athlete and if you pick a pure athlete he is going to bust....  YOU NEED A MONSTER!!   he is not going to be our Prom King... he is the guy that is going to eat the Prom King ...  There is no one in the draft that fits that role quite like Terrence Cody... I hope he drops to the second, but I doubt it .... We need to close our eyes....  and pick Cody at 12.  He is the single piece that makes all of the other pieces work. 

     I foung these videos on YouTube earlier today and posted them in a comment, but I wanted everyone to look at them and tell me if you are seeing the same difference I am.  I see Cody blowing things up on a run play.  He either pushes the blocker back or doesn't move.  I see Dan Williams get pushed back a yard or 2.  Those yards mean something on the goal line.  They mean something on 3 and short.   Now the cool thing about these two videos is you get to see both guys against a couple of common opponents(Ole Miss and VA Tech)  Watch the difference.. We are looking for a yard or 2 difference.. But it does matter.  We need that extra yard or 2.

Dan Williams Highlights/Lowlights 2009

DT D an W illiams Highlights/Lowlights 2009 T ennessee (via ProDraftParty)


Terrence Cody Highlights/Lowlights 2009

DT T errence C ody Highlights/Lowlights 2009 A labama (via ProDraftParty)

      If there are any other players that you guys think are doing the same thing Cody is at NT feel free to post highlights.   There is also a video of Cody blocking 2 field goals in the Tennessee game and also a video of Cody lead blocking on goal line and taking 3 defenders out of the play.

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