My Humble Opinion so Far About Offseason

Well so far I've read many interesting and insightful toughts from many people (of course I've also read some nonsense and idiotic but that doesn't matter) about Draft and FA.

My intention is to bring some debate to the table and I want to state from the beginning that I have no favorites for the #12 th pick, actually the players i like the most are 3 rounders probably.

First of all After bringing Karlos Dansby McClain is not to be picked at 12. I tend to disagree If he shows value today at his pro day (4.74 40-time) he very well could make a monster tandem with Dansby in the middle for years to come.

The Spiller idea is SEXY I can't deny it, but sexy not necessarily becomes great, Spiller is not Chris Johnson just as Dez Bryant is not Fitz nor Andre. Spiller is a two down back we already have two better RBs in Brown and Ricky and as I have said before I rather take Ben Tate (one of my two favorites) in the 3rd or 4th than getting stuck in the glitter of the sexy pick.

The only thing that I'm sure is we will pick a NT with one of first three picks. Suspended or not Ferg is going to be trainning so he can teach whoever rookie to come. Is Ferg not up to expectation or simple not able to play by mid season he can be cut or put on IR. I'm pretty confident his contract is nothing to be atonish.

Side note: Terrance Cody cut another 6 pounds when weighted today he is below 350 now the guy is showing commitment to himself and to the game. If he keeps this trend and lets say he tops in 340 the guy will be valuable of an early 2nd rounder IMO (ring a bell).

The Wide Receiver issue is deep, no one left in FA is a #1 the RFA who are #1 are too expensive or have som Red Flags here and there, the sexy pick Dez Bryant he showed greatness but has Red Flags either. But in fact I'm leaning toward to believe WR will not be "the" priority I see us going for a WR not before the 3rd round. Thats not Dez, not Benn, not Tate, not Williams probably not Demaryus (DAMN). Decker, Gyliard could be. Why? Well I tend to agree the FO probably felt they address this thing the past draft with 2 WR, they will wait for Turner to pan out and actually we did fine with our current corps.

This brings me to the not sexy pick which I think is most likely OLB or FS: We are lacking rushers OLB has no depth at all Taylor is aging and as much as I love the guy his productivity will fall sooner than later. Wake, Moses and Anderson have promise but also hve proven nothing to be granted a starting job. So we have helluva hole there.

After missing on Rolle and Clark everyone is looking at Atogwe as a solution. But why he isn't being pursued by other teams?  Is there something hidden about him? Something is just not good. So we are adressing FS in the draft.

So if we are going to address OLB, NT, FS and WR in the draft due to lack of quality FA in the market my guess is:

1st OLB/FS


3rd NT/FS/WR (OLB is not beyond the 2nd)

4th WR/TE

5th 6th 7th (Don't have a clue)

Don't sleep on a move for a TE, Owen Daniels or Greg Olsen would be as good as get a proven WR for this team.

I'm ready to take all the bash so bring it on.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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