2010 Dolphins Mock Draft

Phinsider, I have reviewed your 2010 Dolphins mock. Not too bad but I would make some practical adjustments.

I would not trade with Cincinnati for the 21st position in the draft. Why bother doing that when you can trade current players for 2nd and fifth round selections?

Dolphins 1st round selection should be Rolando McClain 6-4 256 4.68 speed. You must replace Joey Porter( I wish we could trade him today). Dolphins should be able to get McClain, especially if Brandon Marshall leaves Denver. Some Dolphins fans think he might come to Miami. Dolphins don't need Marshall's salary or baggage.

If not McClain, it should be Sergio Kindle 6-4 255 4.66 speed. Lastly, Dan Williams 6-2 320 5.13 speed (He's a nose tackle). You must double cover Williams. McClain, Kindle, and Williams are beasts.

You must think like a coach. Not fall into the popularity contest for the fans. if you win football games the fans will come around. the Dolphins will be without Joey Porter, Matt Roth(Cleveland) and pobably trade or cut Akin Adele.

Dolphins 2nd round. The Dolphins will get two second round selections after trading Porter and maybe a fifth pick for trading Porter and Thigpen to the Cardinals. The Cardinals need a back up QB. Or trading Porter to the Raiders.

2nd round Darryl Washgington: 6-2 226 4.57 speed. Another beast. He can cover tight ends, rush the QB and cover Rb's out of the back field. great speed. Linebacker

2nd round: Jason Worlids 6-2 252 4.67 He's has a motor that won't quit. Constantly around the football. At virgina tech he played Defensive End in the 3-4. Miami should have him standing up. He can cover RB's and rush the QB.He can play DE or Linebacker.

2nd round you could also go Nose Tackle. If you don't already have Dan Williams. Cam Thomas 6-4 331 (5.18 speed) or Tyson Alualu 6-2 291 (4.96 speed). They will require double teams at times.

3rd round The offensive coaches will start to give you dirty looks for not picking a receiver by now and the Dolphins NEED a receiver.  Carlton Mitchell 6-4 212 (4.45 excellent speed). Think Brandon Marshall or Keyshawn Johnson with a better attitude or Dezmone Briscoe 6-3 200 (4.62 speed) size and good hands. doesn't have breakaway speed like Mitchell but has the same speeed as Devon Bess with the same hands.

4th round: I would go back to offense with tight end or wide receiver: David Gettis 6-3 217 (4.47 speed) or Jimmy Graham TE from Miami 6-6 259 (4.72).. Although, I watched Kory Sperry play back up TE he was pretty impressive. Their might a fight at this position.

5th round: Dolphins might have two fifith round picks. Gibril Wilson needs to earn his million dollar contract or be traded. He was burned too many times or out of position. There will be a fight for this position as well

Fifth selection:Free Safeties:  Robert Johnson 6-2 197 (4.52 speed) good cover man. Or Harry Coleman 6-2 206 (4.53 speed)

Sixth round: Offensive guard: Marshall Newhouse 6-3 326 (5.06) He can play Offensive tackle in a emergency. also, Sergio Render 6-3 318 (5.26) or Reggie Stephens 6-3 322 (5.46) Can also play center. I like dual guys. All players need a break or get hurt.

Finally Seventh round.

7th round: Offensive tackle: Chris Maranelli 6-7 300 (5.23 speed) or Chris Ulatoski 6-6 310. Good kid, can also play Guard.

Well, let's see what everyone else thinks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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