Miami Dolphins Mock Draft

Over at MockingTheDraft, I decided to create a 7 round mock draft with each team being represented by a fan from their respective teams. The draft was a success and generated tons of interest throughout SBnation. Here were the results:


Miami Dolphins Mock (trades were allowed):

1- Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU (With both Rolando McClain and Dez Bryant BOTH taken in the top 10, I traded back in the draft and picked up a 2nd and 6th rounder in order to nab Dan Williams without having to reach for him. What ended up happening is that the Chiefs traded up just ahead of me to steal him. No biggie. Jerry Hughes is the best 3-4 Rush linebacker in the draft. With Joey Pussy on his way out and Jason Taylor's future with the team still in limbo, the outside linebacker position becomes the teams biggest need. Hughes can play both the strong and weakside. Obviously the pick here would have been McClain, then I wouldn't have traded back, but he was gone so I decided to add some extra picks.)
2(1)- Jahvid Best, RB, Cal (Big time playmaker. Was neck and neck for the top RB spot with C.J. Spiller until his nasty concussion. I think he’ll be fine. With Ronnie set to become a free agent, restricted or unrestricted depending on whether there's a salary cap in place or not, and Ricky planning on retiring after next season, RB becomes a need for the immediate future.Think Reggie Bush, minus Kim Kardashian.)
2(2) From Eagles- Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida (Will be an elite pass catching TE at the next level and Chad Henne's go-to-guy.)
3- Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky (Underrated. Good all around skills to play inside in the 3-4. Is at the very least an upgrade over Akin Ayodele.)
4- Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas (Drops too many passes for my taste, but he was the best WR available and the only one left who has "go-to guy" potential. Reminds me of Plaxico Burress.)
6(1)- Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami (The next Antonio Gates? I think so.)
6(2)- Boo Robinson, NT, Wake Forest (Right now he’s weighing 295 Ibs, but he has room to grow to about 320-330 Ibs. Dan Williams was a nobody until he jumped the scale from 300 to 330 Ibs and became a NT when Lane Kiffin took over at Tennesse. I expect the same to happen with Robinson.)
6(3) From Chiefs- Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State (Steal. good pass rusher. Even better against the run.)
6(4) From Jaguars- Robert Johnson, S, Utah (Huge Steal! I can’t believe he was still on the board! He's got the size, speed, and ball skills to be an above average starting FS.)
6(5) From Eagles- Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse (steal of the draft if he can get his act together.)

Dolphins UDFA signings (3 max per team)-
CB, Crezdon Butler, Clemson

DT, Demarcus Granger, Oklahoma
QB, John Skelton, Fordham


Click here if you'd like to see the full 7 round mock results:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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