Another tired Draft/FA talk

With the recent rumors about the FO wanting to pay Dansby and the news of all the NTs getting either tagged or deals, the 12th over all pick comes to mind.

Moderate length read...Beware!

If we sign Dansby, and it may be more of a reality than we think, what do we do with the 1st round pick?

Sure we need a #1 WR and Dez Bryant has a more than reasonable chance of being on the board when the time comes but, will the FO go for him?  Lets face it, Ireland likes Ginn and is confident in him and might give him another year to break-out.  There is also rumors of trading the Cards to Boldin.  These possibilities are probable and your guess is as good as mine.

But WR is the only problem.  The next position to deal with is NT which are in high demand.  Short of Suh the other draft prospects aren't really attention grabers.  In the FA pool all the NT or at least most have been tagged or re-signed.  The biggest possibility is resigning Big Ferg for one more year and drafting someone like Dan Williams or Terrance "The Blob" Cody... you can tell which i'm more fond of... then agains volunteers really havent worked out for us right Wilson?.. anyway off topic.  Neither of them are 12th round pick material so i can see trading down and picking up a second

FS is the next step down for the problems.  Wilson was horrible as we can all agree but, I will refrain from blaming him because he is a SS and thrown into the works after only one offseason.  Yes, he was a FS with the Giants but, their pass rush is or was better than ours so he couldn't benifit.  He's a mystery, the FO could cut the leash and let him go but the money they signed him is a lot and its hard for me to see them throwing than money out without giving him another chance.  FA that could help is Antrel Rolle, he's good but he's no Ed Reed, and Ryan Clark who is good but then again works along side Polamalu who makes anone great.  Draft, outside of Eric Berry... Myron Rolle could fill the role and he may be a 3rd rounder.  No safety after Berry is worth a 12th so we trade down here as well.

OLB is kinda tricky.  Wake, if he learns to play the run and drop into coverage, can make a hell of a W or SOLB.  From what I noticed, however, he seems to play better on the SOLB when rushing the passer(may have been camera angles).  Then we have good ol' JT.  He did superb job for switching to a SOLB at 35 and having to not just be a pass rusher.  He can play the Weakside again and still dominate one more year.  Anderson is good but, he's depth.  The OLB we need is a Strong side player and Witherspoon or Kindle can fit those roles but, agai, neither may be a 12th pick so trade down.

RB - I refuse to say the Ronnie has to be replaced because he's scary good when he's healthy... ill get to that soon.  Ricky plays his final season in 2010 and it would be fitting to let him him finish that out with us.  Yes, he's 32 and lost a step but, is a hard worker and I believe he has one more year in him.  Cobbs is utilities and thats about it, although he's great at what he does.  Hilliard, he's a wild card, he's not a premium back but I believe he can back up Ronnie in 2011 after Ricky retires.  Sheets, havent seen much of him although he's fast but, I havent seen him so I can't judge him.  Everyone seems to like Spiller but I see him goin to Seattle cuz whats his nuts from USC really likes his i mean RBs (e.g. Bush) nd Shuan Alexanderis old and needs someone to take under his wing.

Ronnie is "injury prone" but, he can still produce and I would wait til next draft to pick up RBs since i want to see what Lex and Kory have.

And basically the summary of this is, if we dont go after or have Dez on the board at 12th pick... most scenarios point at a trade down. in my opinion atleast

Well let me know your thoughts!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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