Show some respect for this guy

The person im talking about is Brandon Graham. It seemed as after about a week after the Senior Bowl everybody forgot his name or didn't mention him at all as a #12 pick for the Dolphins. Well i don't know about #12 pick but he very well be a good pickup for us as he beasted all year long, lets get it on...


First things first is some info:

Name: Brandon Lee Graham

Class: Senior

Height/Weight: 6-2/263

Position: DE/OLB

Age: 21

#: 55

Now some Stats:

Career Stats

Tackles: 138 ( 64 in 2009 and 46 in 2008)

Solo: 86

Sacks: 28

TFL: 55

No fumbles or INT

Remember guys he was a DE and to get Int's and fumbles is really hard to do. He stated he would be alright going to OLB in a 3-4 defense so good news for us? I think so what we need opposite of Cameron Wake is a reliable tackler and a pure pass rusher, Brandon Graham seems to fit that mold. He may not be getting Int's or fumbles but that's why we might get Dansby right. Really if you asked me i would be siked for either Graham or Weatherspoon as they both seem to have good futures.

Reasons why Tuna might draft Brandon Graham is:

  1. He's a Senior and the Tuna love 4 year players.
  2. He murdered in the Senior Bowl right in front of Tony and CO.
  3. He is durable
  4. Not a trouble maker
  5. The tuna loves experimenting with Defensive Ends and making them in Outside linebackers (Matt Roth, Demarcus Ware etc.)

I think it will be good value trading down and getting him as we might get a second because the #12 pick in the draft is a pretty good position to pick someone up, here's how it would look like if we picked up another 2nd and 5th:

1) Brandon Graham DE/OLB

2) Cam Thomas NT

2)  Nate Allen (if we don't get Rolle or we feel fine with Wilson) or Brandon Lafell/  Arrelious Benn WR

3) Koa Misi OLB

4) Jimmy Graham TE

5) Darryl Sharpton ILB

Of course the draft all depends on whether we get a couple of free agents or not, here is Matt McGuire's scouting report on him:

Brandon Graham Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

  • Plays with great strength
  • Outstanding motor and doesn't take plays off
  • Elite level of production (29.5 career sacks)
  • Sets the edge in run support
  • Strong, active hands
  • Extends arms - knows how to disengage
  • Shows rip, swim, spin, club moves
  • Makes plays in pursuit
  • Knows how to set up an offensive tackle
  • Tough and plays through injuries
  • Plays with very sound technique
  • Quick to diagnose
  • Good intangibles
  • Great Senior Bowl week

  • Lacks a quick first step
  • Unimpressive speed and explosion
  • Below average height and poor arm length (30.5")
  • Limited athletically
  • Not comfortable in coverage
  • Stiff hips
  • Can he play standing up?
  • Might be 4-3 left defensive end only

    Summary: The Lamarr Woodley comparisons are cliche and obvious, but Graham doesn't have Woodley's long arms or first step. However, Graham is the prospect I'm somewhat afraid to doubt. He put out very good tape and he'll give you everything he's got to make it in the league. If a team wants to convert Graham to outside linebacker, then they will have to find a way to hide his deficiencies in coverage. I don't think Graham is a top-25 first-round value, and I think he's a better college than pro player. Graham is going to come off the board in the top 40 picks.

    Player Comparison: Dewayne White. White has a non-stop motor, is great in run support, and has similar size to Brandon Graham.





    This sounds like someone we need and even though it will be nice to have an OLB who can pick it off and take it the house and make someone fumble alot they only come once and a while; and imagine the Starting lineup with this draft:

    Kendall Langford/ Cam Thomas/ Randy Starks

    Cam Wake/ Channing CrowderKarlos Dansby (please o please)/  Brandon Graham

    Vontae Davis/ Sean Smith/ Nate Allen/ Yeremiah Bell

    That would be a bad ass Defense huh moving on to more reports on him:

    010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:


    Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan

    Brandon Graham is currently the best pass rusher in the Big Ten, and one of the top four or five pass rushers in all of college football. In 46 career games, he has accumulated 56 tackles for loss and 29.5 sacks. Graham's biggest question mark (as far as his draft status is concerned), is what positions he'll be able to play in the NFL. At 6'2 and 263 pounds he has good size for a 4-3 defensive end, but there are questions about whether or not he will be able to effectively drop into coverage if he plays as a 3-4 outside linebacker. If he is seen as a potential fit at either position, he'll increase his draft stock tremendously. Regardless of what position scouts see him at, he is a consensus late first round or early second round prospect. His best fit may be as a defensive end for a team that runs a version of the cover 2 defense. He isn't the biggest end, but he plays the run extremely well for his size. He does a great job of turning ball carriers back inside and right into his linebackers. Couple that with his quick first step and wide array of pass rushing maneuvers, and he is similar in a lot of ways to Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Brandon Graham put on quite a show at the 2010 Senior Bowl. After a solid week of practice, Graham dominated the game registering 5 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, and forcing a fumble. This performance against other top senior players may have vaulted him into the first round of the 2010 NFL draft.

    Brandon Graham
    6'1, 263 pounds | Defensive end | Michigan

    Pass Rush/Closing ability/Moves and counter moves: Graham is a physical pass rusher who never quits. Frequently gets pressure, even when facing chip blocking. Gets very low to the ground, but maintains good balance coming around the edge. Benefited some at Michigan because he was allowed to line up wide and beat slower tackles. Has a very good inside counter move.

    Pursuit/Lateral movement and agility: Excels pursuing the ball carrier. As a junior, he chased down Michigan State running back Javon Ringer. Plays with a lot of effort. Moves fairly well laterally, but his hips are stiff when going left to right. A bit more a straight-foward player.

    Quickness/Explosion: Fires off the snap with a lot of passion. Is an excellent effort player. Powerfully punches into linemen to get off the block. Very good short-area quickness.

    Run defend: Shows excellent awareness against the run. Quickly recognizes counters that come his way. Gets off his block and outside with ease. Breaks down in space nicely, which indicates he could hold up in a 3-4.

    Size/Length/Hand size: Doesn't have the size evaluators look for in a defensive end. Height is only average. Has short arms -- measured at 30 inches at the Senior Bowl. Build is good and ready for the NFL.

    Strength/Ability to shed blocks: Has a powerful build and is strong throughout his frame. Knows his to use his low center of gravity to get leverage. Probably won't need to add more bulk.

    Tackling: More a strength tackler than a form tackler. Does a nice job keeping his shoulders square to the line when tackling. Explodes through the ball carrier. Doesn't really ever try to strip the ball.

    Technique/Hand use/Leverage: Graham always plays low to the ground, which helps him get under blockers at the point. Uses his hands to disengage fairly well. However, Graham doesn't have the kind of hand punch you'd expect. Will let athletic offensive tackles get into his frame.

    Versatility: Because of his size, a lot of people think Graham is a 3-4 outside linebacker or another LaMarr Woodley. However, he doesn't have Woodley's agility or lateral movement. Played some tackle in obvious pass-rush situations.

    Final word: Graham really exploded onto the scene during Senior Bowl week, establishing himself as a first-round talent. Graham started for 2 1/2 years for Michigan and was a star in that role. For his career he finished with 56 tackles for a loss and 29.5 sacks. As a senior, he led the nation in tackles for loss with 26, even though he was clearly Michigan's best player in the front four.

    For me, Graham will be best as a 4-3 end. His playing quickness is very good and speed is solid, but he doesn't move well laterally at length. Graham is a power rush with good moves.

    A very good all-around player, but don't get caught up in his size and athleticism numbers

    Brandon Graham projects to be a late first to early second round pick, any GM that puts on the tape would immediately fall in love with him because of his effort, tenacity, and production, but his lack of ideal height and elite speed, bump him back just a little bit on draft boards. Very comparable to former Michigan alum Lamarr Woodley, Woodley had the same question about his size and speed, and everything worked out just fine for him. Graham will give everything he's got and be a coaches dream, but not having the best measurable's may prevent him from being an elite player.

    Now onto what People are saying about him:

    Most impressive player on the field at the senior bowl. He will be a force in the NFL in the right system.

    If a team drafts him to play OLB, it is a mistake. He has a Dwight Freeney skillset and about the same size. Great pass rusher but a force in the run game. Why is he put on the OLB's list? Because he's only 6'2''? I don't get it...

    True hybrid who is as tough and tenacious as they come in terms of pass rushing in college football. If the Jets drafted this kid I would do cartwheels

    He had a great Senior Bowl but he shouldn't go from a round 2-3 Prospect to round 1

    Have you watched Graham play? I think he's got the best motor for a DE in the draft. He might slip to the 2nd, but no way he goes to the 3rd... 1st round talent on a bad team.

    I don't know about the guy who thinks Brandon Graham wouldn't make a good OLB why not? He's stout against the run, he's a good pass rusher and he has a great work ethic, to me he could succeed especially with his hustle and determination. It is not because he's 6-2 and 263 pounds that im saying he should be an OLB, im saying he should be one because Bill Parcells loves turning DE to OLB, Also Brandon himself said he would love to play as an OLB in the NFL. He also is a pure pass rushers and good OLB these days know ways to get to the QB. I wonder what Mike Nolan is thinking???

    " DPL you are so right on, Brandon Graham will beast for me and soon all of you will be cheering for me muahaha"


    Maybe Mike Nolan Maybe but i still don't forgive for last time... Anyways some highlights yeeeeeeaaaah Remember #55

    Comment on this vid:

    Graham looks dominating in this highlight if he transfers the same in the NFL i would love to see him in a DOLPHINS uniform werein number 55 that would be sweet and jason taylor showing him some pass Rush techniques.

    He may not spell good ( I made some corrections) but i like what he is

    That's All thank you, Leave your thoughts!!!!


    This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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