Is Sparano Losing the Team?!?

                                I was looking at Porter and Sparano didn't speak following benching, Matty's fanshot, and as a big Porter fan I can say, it looks bad, all this is lessening him, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, if he chooses to go out like that........ hey, later dude, but he will retract this stuff, say that he was being rash and stupid and then we can part friends, sayonara.

What is VERY troubling to me was Crowder taking Peezy's side in a way,

Porter does have his backers in the locker room, including Crowder, who might want to remember he’s coming off a 51-tackle season cut short by injury before he questions the team.

Crowder said the players were shocked Sparano benched Porter.

We were like, ‘Peezy, what’d you do?,’ ” Crowder said. ” We really thought he’d knocked Tony out.

“It was an uncomfortable situation among the team. I know I’m not the only player that thinks that.”

If any of that stuff is true, the "questions", the "we's" and "uncomfortable" and "not the only", that could mean big trouble, is Sparano losing the team? As soon as the players start to question you, you have lost the team, if they don't believe what your doing is the right way, it's over.

Has Sparano made his own bed?

1. Over complicated schemes, are players thinking they would be better with a less complex scheme.

2. The whole Pat White thing, despite the fact it was not working, TS continued to put White in, and in critical junctures in the game, in VERY important games as well, kinda indefensible really.

3. The whole rotating EVERY position thing, which includes the Peezy debacle, we did A LOT of rotating, even on the O-line, which is normally not done, continuity being the thing your looking for.

If players start questioning any of these things they will start to question all of them.

Those last three games we lost, we came out bad, was this a manifestation of the team questioning the HC, and that their own pride as players took over once the adrenaline got going and made a good showing of it?

Whether the coach was wrong or not, Peezy was, but does Peezy have a point, Crowder and Taylor have both made comments recently that suggest they have some questions, Bell said some stuff at the pro bowl about how he hopes Peezy doesn't want to go, and him and a lot of other players want him to stay, because of what he brings.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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