Dolphin Mock Drafts Around the 'Net, 2/19 Edition

As we'll do every Friday between now and the draft, it's time to take a quick look at some of the most respected mock drafts on the internet and see who they have the Dolphins taking in the first three rounds of April's draft.

But note that these mocks are likely going to change a million times between now and the draft - with the scouting combine coming up in just over a week.

The mocks are after the jump. Enjoy.

Site Upd. 1st Round (12th)
2nd Round (43rd)
3rd Round (74th)
Mocking The Draft 2/16 NT Dan Williams
OLB Eric Norwood
New Era Scouting 2/2 RB C.J. Spiller
Jerry Hughes
NT Terrence Cody
ESPN's Mel Kiper 2/17 ILB Rolando McClain
ESPN's Todd McShay 2/10 ILB Rolando McClain's Don Banks 1/31 ILB Rolando McClain's Bucky Brooks 2/16
OLB Sergio Kindle
NBC Sports' Evan Silva 1/26 OLB Jason Pierre-Paul
National Football Post
2/10 OLB Brandon Graham
Pro Football Weekly 1/30 OLB Sergio Kindle
Al Fronczak 2/18 ILB Rolando McClain
NESN 2/18 OLB Ricky Sapp
FOX Sports 2/11 NT Dan Williams 1/18 WR Dez Bryant DE Greg Hardy
Roto Times 1/26 ILB Rolando McClain
Football's Future 2/8 OLB
Sergio KIndle
WR Arrelious Benn
Walter Football 2/16 ILB Rolando McClain OLB Ricky Sapp
Jeremy Williams
Draft Countdown 2/11 OLB Jason Pierre-Paul
WR Brandon LaFell
CBS Sports Rob Rang 2/18 WR
Dez Bryant
CBS Sports Chad Reuter 2/18 NT
Dan Williams

Weller and Bryan 2/3 RB C.J. Spiller
DrafTek 2/16 NT
Dan Williams
Daryl Washington
OLB Koa Misi
The Draft Matters 2/13
WR Dez Bryant
Draft King 2/16 OLB
Jason Pierre-Paul
Football Jabber 2/18 ILB
Rolando McClain
Fantasy Football Jungle 2/12 NT
Dan Williams
Ricky Sapp

NFL Draft Dog 2/10 OLB Jason Pierre-Paul
Saturdays2Sundays 1/12 WR Arrelious Benn
NFL Draft 101 2/15 RB C.J. Spiller
Ricky Sapp

NFL News and Rumors 2/16 RB
C.J. Spiller
WR Eric Decker
Fantasy Football Xtreme 2/15 CB Joe Haden
NFL Mocks 1/28 OLB Sergio Kindle
QI Sports 2/18 WR
Dez Bryant
Jerry Hughes
Draft Huddle 1/25 NT Terrence Cody OLB George Selvie
Draft Board Insider 2/10 OLB Sergio Kindle
ILB Daryl Washington
Scout's Notebook 2/18
Jason Pierre-Paul

Redzone Report 2/11 OLB Sergio Kindle
Draft Zoo 2/12 WR Dez Bryant NT Cam Thomas
Sunday Kickoff 2/18 WR Dez Bryant ILB Daryl Washington
ProFootballTalk 2/18 WR Dez Bryant

I guess the release (then non-release, but eventual release) of Joey Porter has had an effect. It seems as though more and more think the Dolphins will address their need at OLB with either their first or second pick. Makes sense. But I don't see the Dolphins doing something like "Walter Football" believes and taking two linebackers in the first two rounds. I think there are too many other pressing needs right now. And despite Bill Parcells' well-known love of linebackers, I just don't see back-to-back linebackers in rounds one and two as a real possibility.

I will admit that the mock by "NFL Draft 101" - Spiller then Sapp - is intriguing.


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