Possible Offseason-Remix (I think what he meant to say was....)

Alright, I think what Jacob13 meant to say was this.


1.  Sign Karlos Dansby.  The guy is 28 years old, played ILB and OLB before for Arizona Cardinals and is well liked and respected by Bill Parcells.  Doing this would give us a leader on Defense, and allow us with a lot more flexibility with the no. 12 pick.  We could trade down, go for a different position other than Rolando Mcclain (if he's available) and possibly target play makers such as Dez Bryany and C.J Spiller.

2.  Trade a 3rd round pick for Anquan Boldin and give him a 3-4 year extension at a reasonable Salary.  Antonio Bryant is not ending up in Miami unless he is visiting the clubs in South Beach and we all know Anquan wants to be in Miami and is definitely a Bill Parcells guy as well.  Extremely tough and would allow Ginn to become a down the field threat as safety's will focus more on Anquan and this will also open up lanes for Bess and Hartline.

3.  Personally, if we were to trade down I'd want us to draft Sean Weatherspoon.  I've watched this guy all year playing for Mizz and he looks like a freak with a lot of intensity and passion.  I am extremely happy Porter is gone but that is one thing that he will take with him.  If we can put Weatherspoon at the Strong Side and he can produce like Brian Cushing has for the Texans, we would be in great shape and allow Jason Taylor and Cameron Wake to rotate and Weak Side linebacker and keep them both happy. 

4.  I pray we don't get Vernon Gholston, he has showed he has no passion to be a top player in the NFL and has no instinct at the position based on what Lawrence Taylor saw from his workout.  We have our OLB in Wake and will definitely draft a few more and HOPEFULLY keep Jason Taylor.  As i've stated numerous times on this Blog, he did a great job at a position he doesn't naturally play and recorded 7 sacks while focusing mainly on the run. 

5.  Bess is not a Free Agent so let him learn and when his time comes hold on to him like he was a winning lotto ticket because this guy has a lot of upside and can build a strong connection with Henne for many years to come. 

6.  Porter is gone, Ayodele is most likely gone if we draft or sign another ILB given his bonus that is done April 1st.  I PRAY Gerbil Wilson is gone but i'm not certain Bill Parcells will definitely let him go.  Hopefully we can find some talent in Chris Clemons or Tyrone Culver, or possibly sign a free agent like Antrel Rolle who is a pro bowler and also wants to join the Dolphins, but this could only happen if he gets cut because he is due to make about $8mil next year.


Bottom Line, we know this team needs to make some moves to be competitive and our young players need to grow and develop.  We still need our veteran leadership so bringing back CP10 and Jason Taylor should be priorities.  As for NT, we will either rely on Solai, bring Jason Ferguson back, draft a NT, or sign a second tier one because unless a miracle happens Vince Wilfork won't be available.  However I was thinking, if New England did go after Peppers, it would be tough for them to pay both him and Wilfork so maybe they'd be willing to trade him but I doubt they would give him to us and have to face him at least twice a year.  Our picture will be a lot clearer in about a month or so once free agency starts...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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