Chargers looking for a RB

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Since LT is going to be cut and they're convinced Sproles can't carry the load they need someone that can shoulder a good amount of the workload.  They're said to be shopping Cromartie to Dallas for Choice but I'm sure they're exporing all opportunities.


I know what I'm about to suggest isn't the norm.  This off-season isn't the norm.  Some teams like the Chargers with limited assets will look for short-term answers.  The key is making it affordable.

We certainly don't need Cromartie but I certainly wouldn't say no if it was affordable.  Maybe they would have some interest in Will Allen.  I think, its safe to say Nat Jones is gone is he's close to the top when it comes to UFAs.  Now that I think about it I wonder if he's a candidate for a transition tag.  Doubt it but who knows.

The affordable option for San Diego is Ricky Williams.  He has value, not much but he does at this point.  I know he said he plans on playing one more year but the reality is he had a solid season in 2009.  He's proven that the distractions are behind him.  If traded he might be able to get another year extension out of it and finish off in 2011 with the Chargers.  That allows them to address the position through the draft without feeling like they're forced to do something.

Ricky is owed 4.35 million this year which is good money for a 32 y/o RB.  With Ronnie, Lex, Cobbs, and Sheets I think we'll be okay.  Throw in a pick and we're good.  Add Spiller and we're great.

Now what could we get for Ricky?  I'm thinking a 5th round pick.  Maybe we'd throw in a 6th or a 7th but that is affordable on their end.  On our end it'll be nice to get something for someone we thought was a lost cause that we originally played dearly for.

As for Cromartie?  I doubt he'd be involved in a Williams deal since I think his value is a bit higher than Ricky.

All I know is Ricky is playing for money these days and if he can get out to the west coast then he might consider playing until 2011.  Keep this last quote in mind taken from the Miami Herald.

"One person close to him said Williams' current stance on retirement could change next offseason, especially if a successful season would provide even more substantial financial security if he continued to play."

So is he worth a 3rd?  Hell no.  Is he worth a late 4th early 5th?  Maybe.  If we package a 6th or a 7th is he worth a late 4th or early 5th?  I think so.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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