i am sick of this

good evening fellow fins fans. 

some of you fellas know me from my monthly post of animals den.  but i stopped because i was so disapointed in our fans.

i use to never ever go to another teams web site. i thought that to be a true fan i would stick to just our page. but after seeing all this crappy ass attitude from our fans i decided to go to other pages to see how the other fans act.

and you know what i saw?  that reading their post that i was looking in a mirror of our fans. it was really sad. 

i had a pain in my heart to think that we would end up stupping to such a low level.  to be honest we should be ashamed of ourself acting like this.  i know our team has problems every team does but use as fans should back our team 

i know it sounds silly but how can we expect our team  to raise to greatness if we are not supporting them 300%

dont you think our team feels this? dont you think it effect them? well i am here to tell you it does. i have been around a LONG time and i am telling you fan support has a great effect on a team.

 i love this site and i think matty does a wonderful job of bringing us everything fins but we are kiiling this place with all this crying crap.

seems everyone wants the heads of our FO. the way i see it they are still trying to fit the right guys in the right spots.

so they are doing something to try and imporve this team yet everyone harps on them.  i just dont understand it. they make mistakes they are human after all and learning how to do their job.

i see everyone hollering about dumping  sparano for guys like cower or gruden. i think you guys are star blind by the names. did you know it took cower 15 years to get to the big game. now sink that thought into your head.. and let me say it again 15 years.. yet tony has only been a head coach for 2 and a third years and already you are wanting to can him. where is the logic in that?

then i see where folks are wanting to bet the farm in draft picks to get a certain qb this luck guy. ya he looks great in collage but that is no  guarante he will work out then we wasted all our picks for nothing and you guys would scream and bitch  about what a stupid move that was. so you guys just want us to pick up one guy when we could get several other guys and two or three of them work out instead of just one who may not.. cant you see how assine that is?

so forget this stuff. stand up and be PROUD that your a fins fan  i admire fan like fr8  who knows football and looks at the team with open eyes. and even more so i admire ohoio's faithful love for OUR team he makes me  want to strive to be like him. i love his devotion to OUR team.  he is a true fan and i salute him.


SO in closing i challange you . stand up join as one say yes i am a fin fan i love them and stand behind our team cheer till you cant cheer no more show our team we are behind them good or bad  will NEVER falter in our faith in this team. remember  it is us the fans who help to ,make us great it is our duty to imspire our players to give it their best.  


GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!    GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I AM A DOLPHINS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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