A Tirade in the Making...... Fr8 Train Rants & Raves.

Okay, I really don't know where to start for this week.  How about we start with a discussion with our own Blog member, DRoyce.


Okay, now onto the Rant.




 Chad Henne

 I, like many of you, have long been a pretty vocal supporter of Chad Henne.  I've stated the case that Henning has held him back, stunted his growth and development, and that he needs time to mature. 

While I still think some of that is absolutely true, I'm willing to peel back my support for the guy.  The fact is, he shines, and the regresses, he looks like a pro bowler one game, and then he looks like he's lost in another.  I need more consistency.

I still think he has every bit the opportunity to be a good to better QB in this league, and I absolutely think with a new Offensive Coordinator he'd improve greatly...... but would I bet my franchise on it?  Absolutely not.  

We draft another QB next year, and hope Henne proves us wrong.  BTW, with Hartline and Marshall on the sidelines during this past game.....all of the Receivers on the field were undrafted.... Keep that in mind before we start with all of the Thigpen Fan Posts again.....::sigh::

Brian Hartline

A realistic question for many of you?  What do you want out of Brian Hartline?  What are your expectations?

The kid is producing, and he's playing very well.  He makes a lot of clutch passes, he gets open deep (he can't be blamed for being under thrown), and the fact is, he is everything you want from a #2 Wide Receiver.  No, he's not flashy, no he's not got a jet pack for speed.... but he's consistent.  And our team lacks consistency.

If you can find me a 4.3 Wide Receiver, who catches the ball, run blocks, and plays well on Special Teams, then great....But until then, you'll have to settle for Hartline, and his consistency.

Stop comparing him to Dez Bryant.  Dez was a first round pick, the 24th pick overall.... Hartline is a 4th Round pick, 108th overall..... HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE.   As a matter of fact, lets stop comparing him to a #1 Wide Receiver.  He's not a #1, and never will be.

Besides, when did we start blaming our offensive production on the #2 Wide Receiver?  Who does that?

The Coaching Staff

Hasta la bye bye.  See ya later.  I'm done with you, all of you.  
David Lee - What the hell are you coaching this kid?  Whatever it is, he's not taking it.  See ya.
Dan Henning - Again, horrible play calling.  Horrible offensive game plan, horrible adjustments.  Why are you still here?
Tony Sparano- All of the above is happening on your watch, and you give us sound bites, and fist pumps.  I'm done with you.  You seem like one helluva nice guy, however; its time for you to be a nice guy somewhere else.  

I've heard people say, "But the Players LOVE to play for Sparano" - as a reason to keep him around.

But have you seen the way they players are playing?  Do we want to continue to encourage that?  I don't.

Lets call it as it is.  We're the Dallas Cowboys.   We've got their old coaching staff, a ton of their old players, and we're under achieving.....sound familiar?  Maybe its our fault for expecting better.  History does repeat itself.


The Fans (yes, us)

What the crap is going on around here?  After a win, there is a 100 Fan Posts about how great Henne is, and after a loss there is 100 Fan Posts about how crappy he is.  Often times by the same people.  What the hell is going on?

And what is with this obsession with saying, "I called it", "I've been calling for that since preseason".....

Do you really believe that?  Do you really think that any of us has enough information about the team, the practices, the play-book, the coaches meetings, the game planning, the opponent tendencies to make any of those statements?  It drives me crazy.  You didn't call anything.  There are millions of people that thought the same thing, but none of us are in a position to influence anything.

You know what....I'm calling it.  The Yankees will win another World Series, and Dez Bryant will catch a Touchdown pass.....I called it.


Michael Vick

This will be short and to the point.  He WON'T be a Miami Dolphin.  In case you forgot, he's the starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  They aren't just going to let him go.  They'll re-sign him, or franchise him.  End of Story.


2011 Draft

Needs?   Offensive Line, and Running back please.
Ricky and Ronnie will both be Free Agents (I bet we re-sign one, not both...and I'm leaning towards Ricky's old ass)

We need speed in the backfield, and we don't have it.  Speed gives us an extra defender in the box, so defenses can't sit back with a million DBs in coverage.    But the speed won't matter if we don't also fix the OLine (see CJ Spiller)

We will take another QB, but not until the 3rd round......I know it sucks, but its how it'll happen.

Forget about getting Luck, or Locker, or Mallet...or any of this years Franchise prospects.

We don't have the fire power to trade up and get any of this years Franchise guys.  Not only that, but the teams down there would have to be willing to trade down...and I see Buffalo, Cincinnati, Carolina, and Arizona, Minnesota, San Francisco all ahead of us.... and I'd be willing to bet almost all of them think they need a new QB.  

While we are talking up the Draft, the draft won't fix all of our problems.  They never do.  IF you are lucky enough to walk out of a draft with 2 decent starters, you came away golden..... 


Thank you also to those of you who have put up thoughtfull, insightful, and researched Fan Posts!  



We need more substance.  Keep it up!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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