Dolphins will make playoffs in 2011 if we do this

If the Miami Dolphins do what I'm about to tell you guys, people would be starting to look at us and see us as playoff contenders a year from now. First off, I think this defense is amazing and will only get better with more familiarity with Nolan's system. Sure, we could use another Inside linebacker to help cover TEs (but i do think Edds might be able to do this) or another corner, but I don't see why people say we need a NT. Solai is playing like a top 10 NT right now. That's not what we need to cover in the draft. For the draft, lets just say we have the 14th overall pick with a 8-8 record. We don't have a 2nd, but I think we have all of our other picks. Who we need to get is:

 Andrew Luck, Stanford

   You trade players like Brian Hartline and/or Channing Crowder(Not saying we should)with a 1st round and lets say a 4th round this year anda 2012 3rd round to Carolina  becauseI don't think they will go with a QB. Not saying this is what it takes to trade up, I'm just throwing out a suggestion.We could even trade with Detroit for the 2nd pick because the guy can play. He has shown that he is capable of winning, leading his team to a BCS bowl game. He is a great pocket passer, but when he is pressured, he isn't just going to throw it away. He has the mobility to make a lineman miss and roll outside the pocket to either run or give his recievers more time. And in each season he has had in college he has improved drastically:


2009: 56.3 PCT 2575 Yards 13 Tds4 INT Long 63 with a rating of 143.47 (Not bad at all except for completion %)

2010: 70.2 PCT 3051 Yards 28 Tds 7 INT Long 81 with a rating of 166.10


2009: 61 ATT 354 Yards  5.8 AVG Long 31 2 Tds

2010: 51 ATT 438 Yards  8.6 AVG Long 58 3 Tds

   What this tells me is that he is maturing season by season. A 70.2 Comp. % tells you how accurate he is and having an average of 8.6 yds per carry rushing? Are you kidding me? This kid will help sustain drives and make our play action just that much better because he has the ability to chuck it or run to the sidelines for 6-7 yard gain.

      And lets face it. Chad Henne isn't the real deal. It's hard to imagine that because we had such high hopes for him (hence my name). But I'm not passing on a guy again that is going to make us competitive each year for the next 10 years. We've already done that twice with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan. Drafting offensive lineman isn't going to make a quarterback change from staring at his wide recievers, which he does A LOT. He also shown this week that when he has time he still can't use his supposedly best strength to hit a reciever in stride. We need a change. We need Andrew Luck.

Rest of the Draft

The needs on this team according to draft picks are (We traded 4th for Andrew Luck):

1. Qb

3. C

5. Best RB available 

6. Speedy WR

7. OL Depth

  I haven't really been following later round draft picks, since the college season is going on still. But if I had to make picks by position right now, it would be this.

Free Agent Suggestions

Steve Smith, Carolina (Don't know if he will be one, just think he'll be unhappy)

   Like last year, I think we can pick up a couple of bigtimeto medium deals for starting positions or depth. I think this team could use someone who everyone forgot about because he has no Qb to throw him the ball in Carolina. If he gets released because of contract issues or not being happy, the Dolphins could pick him up and he could be a great #2 and could relieve pressure off of Brandon Marshall. I also think that if we keep Brian Hartline that he would be a great mentor for him since they have the same body type, only Steve has more reliable hands and speed. Ithink with a full offseason he should be back to normal and can refresh his career with a solid QB like Andrew Luck

DelAngelo Williams, Carolina

   Another guy that could maybe be released because of contract issues. I say we go for him and pay him huge bucks, but make him earn it. Tell him he has to start at least 14 games. Tell him that he should get at least 1,000 yards. This team needs speed andagility at the running back position. This guy would be amazing if we got him in a 3 back set with a great 3rd down back rookie, Ricky Williams (which he could learn from for a season) and DelAngelo starting.

Logan Mankins, New England

   This is probably the most important free agent we would have to get. This guy is a former 2-time pro bowler and is a mauler, which we need at the guard position to help stabilize the interior. This should be the first free agent we pursue.

Shawne Merriman, Buffalo

 In no way do I want him to start. But I think again with a full offseason with Mike Nolan and if he can stay injury-free I would love to pick him up. My ideal situation is that Koa Misi plays 1st and 2nd down and he can take a breather on 3rd down for Merriman to rush the passer. I also think that we can make his contract like DelAngelo and make sure he plays 14 or 15 games to get a full salary and make incentives like 7 sacks or something.

Depth on O-line, ILB depth (maybe athletic starter next to Dansby), and a quick TE that would work well with Fasano in 2 TE sets.

 Staff Decisions

    This roster was too talented to go (probably) 8-8. There is problems when you can hold a team to 13 points on defense and STILL lose to a medicore team. There is a problem when you have 18 possesions and only get to the red zone twice. There is a problem when you are running the 2 minute offense on your side of the field and run the ball. When this happens, you have to make changes.

Head Coach: Jim Harbaugh, Stanford             Back up: Norv Turner

    Jim Harbaugh would be a fit as our HC. He would be a great fit with Andrew Luck since they already worked together and understand and respect each other. I saw him on sportscenter highlights before a Stanford game andhe was in the tunnel pushing his players aroundtrying to get them pumped up. This team won't work well witha John Fox-type coach because they don't show enough emotions for this young team. But the problem with Tony Sparano is his coaching. He doesn't have to anything major like call plays. All he has to do is keep his team's heads up and manage the clock. AndTony SUCKS withtimeouts. He also doesn't show faith in his team to go for it on 4th and goal on the 1 yard line to take the lead against the Ravens. What happens? We never take the lead again. Jim is my first choice.

Offensive Coordinator: Josh McDaniels, Unemployed              Back up: Gary Kubiak

   Josh is too young to be a head coach right now. But he has coached under the regime of Bill Belichick. He has developed QBsthat looked like they didn't have starter potential like Kyle Orton. I think he would work great withLuck. He might not have had a good relationship with him, but he made him involved and a pro bowler. If they can set aside their differences, I like this move.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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