Playoffs!?! More like Layoffs!!!

Before I get to the point of this article, let's take a stroll down memory lane.....


Off-season - Like usual, all of us Dolphin fans congregate and begin chatting up players we like and who we think are going to be great additions to the Miami Dolphins.  Everyone is happy and looking forward to a great year from the team they love!


Draft Day - Remember that sense of anticipation and excitement?  Here comes our first pick after trading down in the first round!!!! SPLOOSH.....Pfffttt (the sound of our hopes deflating) say hello to players that left most of us scratching our heads....(where is our 2009 2nd round pick? playing about Pat Turner?)


Preseason - All of us fans are excited to see who will make the team and can't wait to see what our final 53 man team will look like.  Having one of the better O Lines during the previous season, hearing Sparano talk about the luxury of having such incredible depth on the O-line makes all of the fans excited because they expect the O-Line to be better than the previous year with statements like that.  Then the team trades Justin Smiley and cuts Jake Grove, only to end up with a horrible O-Line during the 2010 season.


Regular Season - The Dolphins start the season 2-0, then lose 2 in a row and then decide to Christmas Tree the rest of the season (Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win,Loss).  This is a true sign of a mediocre team.  My buddy usually bets on the Dolphins out of respect for my love for the team, but I told him to only pick the team if it's coming off a loss (so far it seems like he owes me a cut)....


So now to the official point of this article:


Now that the Playoffs are not a goal that this team can achieve let's take a hard look at who needs to stay and who needs to go.  The reason this article is now relevant is because we all know that all 53 of these players on this team will not be coming back next season (does it actually matter if you make the Dolphins 53 man roster?  The Dolphins have one of the highest roster turnover rates in the league which apparently translates into success??)



The Front Office:


Tony Sparano - This man is clearly on the fence of being given one last year or being cut at the end of this season.  Fans used to enjoy his insights and quips about statistics of his players, not to mention his enthusiasm during games but clearly his patented "fist pumps" are beginning to annoy everyone due to the fact that it's celebrating mediocrity (usually after field goals).


Dan Henning - This old horse has been beaten to death.  Everyone already expects him to retire but cutting him would at least make the fans feel like Sparano has the reigns of his staff.


Steve Bush - Offensive Quality Control - Enough said?  This guy might need to polish up that resume.


Dave DeGuglielmo - This is his 2nd year as the O-line coach for the Miami Dolphins and everyone expected him to make the offensive line better, but I imagine he might be around next season due to the injuries and depth we have.  Whatever influence he had on getting rid of Jake Grove and Justin Smiley however, is looking to be nothing more than poor judgment.


Mike Nolan - This guy clearly has made the most with the players he has, even with injuries the defensive unit is playing solid.  I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to leave the Dolphins for a new position elsewhere.


We can let the front office handle any other assistant coaches ect.


The Players -


Chad Henne - If Henning doesn't go, I expect Henne to request a trade.  Whether he will become a good QB for the Dolphins or another team, having his coaches scream and yell at him from the upper boxes is no way to build a positive working relationship.


Ronnie Brown - He looked great in Preseason but I think he's taken offense to the play calling and sharing duties with Ricky Williams.  He seems to constantly juke left and right and then plow straight into the back of his blocker.  He doesn't hit holes anymore and doesn't have breakout speed to take a ball to the endzone from anywhere on the field.


Ricky Williams - I love Ricky but I always thought he should retire when he's 34 which is coming up soon.  He'll be around as long as he wants to play as he can still break one every once in a while.


Lousaka Polite - Poor guy is all I can say.  How many 3rd and shorts has this team had (especially at the goal line) where the Lousaka Monster was locked up in his cage.  I imagine he comes back next year.


Lex Hilliard - When your 2010 stats are 0 rushes and 1 reception for 3 yards, the fact that it's only his 2nd year of NFL experience shows that he better hopes it's not his last.


Patrick Cobbs - As a team Captain, I'd expect to see more of this guy.  Especially since you would imagine your starting QB as a team captain....but I guess that should speak volumes about Chad Henne.


Kory Sheets - There is no way this guy leaves the Dolphins facility if he's fully healed from his injury.  I expect him to make an impact next season but it's up to him to do so.


Brandon Fields & DC$ - These 2 aren't going's just a shame that we have to see their skills on a constant basis.


Offensive Line - Jake Long isn't going anywhere, Vernon Carey is making a case to become a backup, Incognito has to be the worst option as a 3rd string Center, the rest of the interior linemen have stunk it up but getting rid of John Jerry after 1 season would only add to our depression.


WR core - BMarsh isn't going anywhere, Hartline has been inconsistent, DBess needs to change his name to DB$ because he is an amazing talent, Marlon Moore has potential, Wallace makes lots of rookie mistakes.  I feel bad for Camarillo but maybe he will get cut from Minnesota next offseason and come back to Miami.  At least he as consistent.


Defense as a whole - Much improved over the previous year along with potential from A.J. Edds, Jared Odrick, and Will Allen returning next season.  Tim Dobbins was a good depth pickup but a few tweaks here and there along with another offseason of training should provide the Dolphins with 5 years or more of strong defensive play.


These are most of the main players along with groups bunched together....discuss below which players you think will be around next season.  Especially since all they have left to play for is their jobs....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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