Let's Make this Simple!! HENNE SUCKS!!


I used to blame Henning for play calling, BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS HENNE SUCKS!! He is not a starting NFL QB and he has gotten so much worse this year than last. So of it may be Hennings play calling. However, when given the opportunity to shine, he just plain SUCKS IT UP!!

To throw the interceptions he threw today, was nothing short of incompetent, inept and not consistent of an NFL quality QB. In fact, his first interceptions might be one of the top ten worst throws in the NFL this year!!! I remember a few years ago, in the playoffs a player was running down the sidelines and was a good 3-4 yds ahead of the DB (Not unlike Hartline except Hartline was 8-10 yds ahead) The QB threw the under-threw the ball to the inside of the WR and it was intercepted. Solomon Wilcots went ballistic. He said UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DOES A QB UNDER-THROW A WR TO THE INSIDE OF THE FIELD ON A PLAY LIKE THAT. You overthrow the ball to the outside shoulder so if your guy doesn’t catch it the DB DOES NOT have a chance!!

What did HENNE do?? Under-threw Hartline by 10 -12 yds to his inside shoulder so the only guy who could get it was the DB. THAT IS INEXCUSABLE!!!!  WOULD Brady, Manning or Rivers EVER do that ???? I don't think so!!

So what does he do after that? He overthrows Bess. He single handedly lost this game for the Dolphins. No more BS. He SUCKS!! He is not the QB of the future and WILL NEVER take a team into the playoffs. I used to blame it all on Henning. But if your QB is inept, there is little else to do as an OC.. Yea, I know last week he had a good game. I believe that can accidently happen to even the worst NFL QB once in a while!!  WOW, he was probably a top 10 qb that week!!


Let's look at the facts. He doesn’t know how to throw to Brandon Marshall. Marshall has a bit of a hot head, But I don’t blame him. During the Tennessee game, Henne basically ignored him. He was frequently one on one against a shorter lighter DB and Henne still wouldn’t throw him the ball. It got so pathetic that the safeties were cheating towards the other half of the field where the dangerous Bryan Hartline and Bess were because they knew Henne would NEVER throw to one of the top 5 WR in the NFL!!! Why?? I have NO F**KING IDEA!!

 Henne can make 1 pass! The 15-20 pass over the middle to Fasano. Henning may be getting old, But Henne need to go!!! The Wildcat was a gimmick play. It has become our Bread and Butter again. Why?? The coaches know Henne sucks.  The opposition knows that as well. Why else would Cleveland punt with 4 minutes to play in the game with a 4th down and half a yard. Rather than take the chance against our defense, they felt it was better for them to give the ball to Henne at the end of the game. More likely than not, he would screw it up for the Dulfins!! If that is not pathetic, I don't know how it could be any worse!!!

This game today reminded me of the Cam Cam days. Let us not forget our fearless leader, Tony Sporano, who acts like making a Field Goal is equivalent to a pick 6 or a 100 yd run back of a kick off. I am reasonably sure, most other coaches in this league are not happy with Field goals!!  However, to Sporano Field goals are like CamCam's one victory as the Dolphins head coach!!


This team has no passion on Offense. the team is boring, the QB sucks and the offense plays like they are hoping the defense will score a TD for them.  However, I will state that Devonne Bess is a stud! and Cameron Wake is THE MAN!!  However, that is about it.  When your offenses MVP is the kicker, it says something fairly pathetic about your team!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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