Guide to a proper etiquette and fun time on The Phinsider, revisited.

As a proud  member of The Phinsider, I can say with a clean conscious that this is the best place for Miami Dolphins news and talk. Matty and it's thousands of members do an excellent job of keeping things up to date and making it a fun time with fellow Dolphin fans. I created this post in the off-season, but as PotM has done with his rookie guide, I have decided to repost this to help all of the new posters who have joined us and make The Phinsider experience even better for everyone. And to hopefully clean up a lot of things that may turn some members away. In no way do i intend to be telling other people what they should be doing or how they do it, just to makes things more clear, and to try and attempt to help some new posters out. Let us begin after the jump.

Fanpost/ Fanshots- There are two different kinds of post that can be used on The Phinsider. Fanposts, what i am using right now, are used for more detailed posts that may include breaking news or ones opinion on the state of the team. Fanshots are a little less detailed and may consist of a video, link, or something that involves a simple question. Knowing these differences and when to use which post for a certain topic is crucial, when you have something to say but it is a question or does not involve much detail, please use the Fanshots. If you think something is Fanpost worthy but you just have to ramble on to meet the 75 word limit, then it is probably best to make it into a Fanshot. When your post that you made should be a Fanshot, but you made it a Fanpost it takes off one where someone may have put a lot of time and effort into. Also, pay attention to Fanshots. They are small but may be very interesting and helpful. Also, when you go to post something it may have already been posted as a Fanshot. So please, double check before posting.


New members- We were all new sometime or another, and we all know that when you first get here you want to make your presence known. My advice is to take a totally opposite approach, comment on posts to make your opinion heard, get to know other users and what their personalities are like, and get to learn more about the site as a whole before taking that next big step.


Debating- Obviously none of us here have the same opinions on every little topic, and that's what makes this site so unique, so many personalities interacting in one place. When commenting or posting an opinion, especially depending on the topic, be aware that there may be negative feedback. And if there is then just go with it, some people don't agree with you and will do as you did, voice their opinion. So please understand the difference between trying to debate and someone explaining their opinion, maybe you could learn something that changes your view. If they purposefully try to start an argument and are just rambling on without facts or any valid reasoning, don't worry about it. Move on to another topic.


Personal Attacks- This one could be in the debating category, but i wanted to make this one especially clear. All of us have our opinions and rightfully so, but if someone does not agree with you then there is no need to call them out in a negative way or question their intelligence because of their opinion. Also please think before saying something, there are a lot of people on this blog and that includes females and people from all races, keep this in mind before saying something that you may regret. Profanity is accepted here minimally, but please refrain from using it too much because you have to remember that we do have younger posters on this site. If a troll comes to the site and calls you out in a negative manor, then proceed to defend yourself, just be the mature individual and let them make themselves look like fools. If someone crosses the line too far then just flag it and Matty will get it. If we can cut down on the personal arguing and just debate the topic at hand we will take a huge step on making The Phinsider experience better for everyone.


Duplicate Topics- This is another thing that could go into the post topic above, but it also needs to be looked at more in detail. For example, check to see if a certain topic has been brought up before you post. When breaking news is out, chill out for a minute and make sure Matty or another member has not added it to the front page or as a post. If you don't check and then notice it has already been added after the fact, then delete your post as respect to the person who posted first. That is though barring there has not been any further developments in the breaking news. Some topics that are far behind us need to be left behind us. Some posters like or dislike Chad Henne, but that topic has been beaten to death, new news on Henne is certainly acceptable, but to say "I like Henne because his arm" and "I don't like Henne because he cannot lead us in crunch time" have been posted for months, this is just an example of duplicate posts, in the off-season it was the Ted Ginn move, we have talked about it many times and the more it is put out the more it just turns into roadkill. When posting, try to be as original as possible.


Grammar- This topic is not a concern, nor is it a stepping stone to make this blog more of a friendly environment, but i do want to explain some things that make it easier for other members. Some people are not as literate as others, and that is completely fine. But when making a post you should try and make it as good of a post as you possibly can,  you may have an original topic that people would love to talk about and look over, but if you do not have the best grammar it makes it difficult for people to read. When making a post there is a spell check, it can really help you and might be the one small thing that can push your post onto the Recommended Fanpost! Who doesn't want that, right?


Other Helpful Guides- If you are new to the site or are still unsure on some things around here i highly recommend checking these guides out, credit to cbdolphin, PotM, and Nicky.

The Phinsider Manlaw Guide


The Phinsider Rookie Primer


The Phinsider Rookie Guide


Conclusion- As I stated above, I believe that this blog is one of the best you can find. As I did the first time I posted this, my intent is to make this blog more user friendly and to clear some confusion that some posters may have. Just remember, we're all Dolphins fans and that unites us as a fan base like brothers and sisters. So argue until your face turns blue (so long as it is in a mature manner) and know what to post and where. And of course, GO DOLPHINS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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