A Semi-Implausible Dream

A general consensus among Dolphins fans is that the QB position needs dramatically improved play, next season.  Many different theorems have been presented as to how this will occur, from Kevin Kolb, to Henne, to Donovan McNabb, to Andrew Luck.

One of the more abhorrent plans, in my opinion, is to sell our souls (and our picks) for a first round rookie, which is quite a gamble.  But why gamble when you can lock a good Qb down.

I believe Miami should bite the bullet, and do as the playoff-bound Bears did, and sell out the draft for a proven QB, who is most likely in discord with their club.

Ross needs to pick up his phone and call A.J. Smith.

Miami should make a run at Philip Rivers.





I wouldn't be surprised at all if Rivers is starting to realize what his agent seemingly knew all along, San Diego is not a winning club.  The owner's decision to retain Norv Turner and A.J. Smith should certainly go a ways as well.  Back when Rivers was in danger of ending up on the free agent market, all signs pointed to him not being brought back.  It took Rivers getting personally involved before the Chargers forked out the money.  I can't imagine he feels better, now, about his decision, with an 8-8 season looming, and another absence from the Super Bowl.  River's career looks like it might start taking a trip down Dan Marino-road, where he ends up with many records and accolades, but zero championship rings.

Considering other big-player trades, what I consider a feasible offer would be:

Miami's 2011 First Rounder

Miami's 2011 Third Rounder

Miami's 2012 First Rounder

Miami's 2012 Second Rounder

Davone Bess

Chad Henne

Sean Smith


My next step after making the trade would be:

Bring in Kubiak to OC. 

With the money invested in all of the picks, I can't imagine we wouldn't have that much extra space, even with River's insane contract.  If it is possible, FA signings would be Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins

Cut Ronnie and Ricky.  Replace them with late RBs. 

Sign Incognito cheap to Center.

Our Line would be Jake Long(LT), Logan Mankins(LG), Richie Incognito(C), Nate Garner(RG), John Jerry(RT)

Spend the rest of the late picks on O-line Depth

WR-Corp would be Hartline (Cheap player, right now), Vincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall.

Sign TE Randy McMichael (Cheap) to a one-year deal, for a pass catching TE.

Start Jones or Clemons at SS and cut Bell.

Give Carrol Smith's corner spot.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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