What we Need/WIll do in the Draft...

So after a lot of research and thought, we basically have no choice but to trade down in the first round UNLESS a stud QB like Mallet or MAYBE Jake Locker falls to us.  I'm not that high on Locker but he does have some great tools and intangibles.  The obvious need for this team is QB, OL, and Speed. 

Now I think with Incognito devoting a whole offseason and all his practices at center, he can develop into a nice gem for us there.  He provides that push that we need and did so against a very talented Detroit Lions defensive lion and N. Suh.  If thats the case and we get Nate Garner back at Guard, we really just need one more guard position and like we all are doing, im praying we can get a guy like Logan Mankins, but i doubt it'll be that easy.  That being said, if we don't land one of the top QB's in the first round, we have to trade back and get a 2nd rounder. 

We can still target guys like Blaine Garret QB Mizz and Landry Jones QB Oklahoma who are both very impressive but have been flying a little under the radar.  I do not expect Luck will declare for the draft with the uncertainty of the CBA and he's devotion to his studies.  So we either can go QB with the 1st, or trade back and still maybe snatch a good one up, but we have to devote 2 out of our 2nd to 4th round picks (assuming we trade back down) for a center and guard and im thinking about guys like Stefen Wisnewski G/C from Penn State and Jake Kirkpatrick C from TCU.  Both are beasts and are hard nose guys that would really turn around this o-line.  Now depending on what we do in free agency, we need to still target, a RB, TE, and a Speedster.  This is where it gets tricky. 

We can def find some RB help in free agency, but if we don't, there are guys like Michael Leshoure and Daniel Thomas that are studs and probably will be gone by round 2, I personally like Demarco Murray RB Oklahoma in round 3-4. 

For tight ends, there are two in particular that stand out like sore thumbs, Michael Egnew, Mizz and Lance Kendricks Wisconsin.  Both could really be put in as rookies and run our 2 tight end sets that we have been missing.  And both have good speed for that position. 

Finally, speedster that I think would really compliment KR and just random plays on offense is Jeffery Demps. 

He is hands down the fastest player in college football and is currently a RB/KR for the Gators.  Now unless Kory Sheets comes back and proves he has that speed that we need, I think we need to go after a guy like this in the later rounds in the draft. 

Ultimately, if we draft a rookie QB and put him in over Henne, we can't honestly expect that he will be able to run this offense the way we all invision right off the bat.  I'm actually all for having Henne in for one more year under a new OC, rebuilt o-line, and a speedster added.  We take that load off him and add a Jacoby Jones, trade back in the first round, get a 2nd rounder, draft 2 interior o-lineman, and some RB and tight end help and we have our offense back.

Lets be realistic, do you honestly expect with the front office's job on the line, they will draft a QB in the first rd?  Won't happen, they will give Henne another shot and maybe look into trading/signing a stop gap qb like Orton incase Henne doesn't prove them wrong.  They will invest heavily in the O-line just like the Patriots did all those years.  Now look at Brady, one main reason he does so well is because he literally has all day to throw.  The least sacked QB and has the least Int's because he doesn't have to rush his throws.  Now I know we don't have Tom Brady, but with our receivers, i'm sure giving Henne some time and you'll see a world difference.  Hell, look at Jay Cutler.  Last year lead the leage in INT's, this year he's supposedly a top QB.  What changed?  A new OC and the o-line started giving him time.  The blueprint is as clear as day!!!

So to summarize what i'm saying, don't expect us to draft a QB first round.  We will fix our O-line for sure, whether its 2 picks in the top 4 rounds, which I personally expect, or a big free agent signing like Mankins.  Either way, with that getting fixed, I see us drafting O-line, RB, and Tight End in the first 4 rounds.  And just like this Front Office always does, they will double up on one position.  2009 Sean Smith Vontae Davis, Hartline and Turner...2010 Misi Aj Edds and Spitler. 

Honestly, if any of you have doubts, please youtube or research Stefen Wisnewski, i've seen him play several times and they guy is an all american at both Center and Guard.  You know how this regime likes their players to play multiple positions, well he is the main star, and when they coach the Senior Bowl, they'll see just how good he is, but hopefully this time they won't whiff like they did on John Jerry and I don't expect them too. 

RB's are too easy to find in the later rounds so their is no need to draft one higher than round 3.  Thats where I expect us to start looking at RB's, Tight Ends, and speedsters. 

Oh, BTW, Please remember this when free agency starts, WE WILL SIGN Shawn Merriman.  He and Misi will be opposite Wake next season.  2 reasons, one we put in a claim for him this year, and two, he wants to come here, and third, there is a need for him considering he still is only 26 and 2 years removed from his surgery and Misi can definitely turn into a serious pass rusher but he hasn't yet and they might bring in someone else since Misi has done exceptionall well lately in Run support and dropping in coverage. 

Let me know your thoughts, either way there will be a new OC, and just like Mike Nolan turned our D around, hopefully this guy will turn our O around...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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