Semi-Organized Chaos

I usually like to have some sort of broad, yet centralized, theme for anything I post.  This week, however, I have been having trouble drawing a line through the various thoughts I have running through my head.  So I am just going to throw some things at you and see where it goes.  I apologize for the lack of cohesion, but here goes:

- I really, REALLY did not like what I heard from Henne's press conference after the game on Sunday.  Blaming receivers for falling down and making bad reads?  You are the quarterback, bro.  For better or worse, you stand up there and take responsibility for the offense.  Its called being a leader.  Now my opinion shouldn't matter, quite frankly, cause I gave up on you after the Browns game, but this just reaffirms my position.  You are not a leader of men... 

- I am tired of hearing from other fans how we shouldn't be too down on this franchise because, "hey, at least we aren't the Lions or the Bills."  Is it supposed to alleviate my frustration that we aren't the worst franchise in the league?  Guess what?  I dont root for the Bills, and I don't root for the Lions, so I really don't give a shit about those franchises.  I care about this one, and I am thoroughly disappointed in the return I have been getting on my emotional investment over the last twenty years or so.  Not to mention that both teams being used for comparison recently beat us, in our building.  The "It could be worse" argument does nothing for me, nor should it do anything for you...

- Has anyone else noticed the corollation between Chad Henne's performance in the first and last ten minutes of a game, and his performance inside our own twenty yard line and the red zone?  It occurred to me the other day that these two things may be related.  He seems fine in the middle of the field, and also in the middle of a game.  Is it a problem handling pressure?  Is it playcalling?  Some combination?  I just thought it was an interesting parallel.  Speaking of a combination of execution and playcalling...

-  Dan Henning has to go, no doubt.  But he is not the only problem with this offense.  I know we all want a simple fix that can have an immediate impact.  It would be great if simply replacing the OC with a younger more aggressive version would immediately elevate this offense to the top.  But it is not that simple.  The players are at least half the problem, and that is much tougher to address.....

-  I am a nice guy, generally.  I think I could probably give riveting motivational speeches that would get 53 men to run through a wall.  It doesn't make me an NFL head coach.  So why do I keep hearing that Sparano needs to stay because he is a good guy, and the players love him?  Some of the best coaches in the history of the league have been complete douchebags, completely devoid of personality (Bill Belicik anyone?)  Sparano is an O-line guy.  How has our O-line been this year?  He couldn't stop screwing with the o-line till he eventually broke what was working quite nicely, thank you.   And the guy that the awful OC works for?  Thats the head coach.  When does he get some blame for not addressing the issues we have all been screaming about all year?  It's time for a change.  However...

-  You cannot bring in a new head coach, especially one with a pedigree like a Cowher, and not let him bring in his own coordinators.  So all of you that want a complete FO and coaching overhaul, but insist on keeping Nolan, may be disappointed.   It doesn't work that way.  It might happen if you hire a young, unproven coach, but not one with a resume like the names I have been hearing thrown around.  Speaking of names...

-  I know about Cowher and Gruden and Harbaugh.  But I have some names that I think are interesting that I haven't really seen mentioned much around here.  (Forgive me if some of them have been addressed, as I may have missed the post.)  If, and it just may happen, the Giants decide to part ways with Tom Coughlin, I think it's worth a good, long look.  I live in the NY area, so I am familiar with the Giants on a week-to-week basis.  This team is a contender just about every year.  I have never found the Giants to be stacked with talent, per se.  They have talent, no doubt, but they have deficiencies.  The QB is hit or miss.  The WR's are a bit above average, but not spectacular.  The defensive backfeild is average at best.  And this team is three years off of a stunning super bowl victory, and always in the mix.  I also like that they mix a power running game with an aggressive aerial assault.  He intrigues me.  How bout Jeff Fisher?  If the owner of the Titans makes the asinine decision to side with Vince Young, I think this is also worth a good look.  No super bowl victory, but I think Fisher is a really good head coach, and despite Vince Young, has always been well respected by his players.   I am not at all opposed to Cowher, and Gruden I would have to think hard about, but I think there are some names that will be available that are just as worthy of dicsussion...

-  Why is everyone so dead set against retaining Jeff Ireland?  It seems a little knee-jerk to me.  Generally, I think GM's should have the opportunity to hire a second head coach if the first one doesn't work out.  They have had some personnel misses, for sure.  But I don't think the scouting and development of this team has been an abject failure.  Give the guy a shot, especially now with Parcells out of the picture, let see what he is really about before we throw him out with the rest of the trash.  (The trash analogy is just to use a cliche, I am not referring to Sparano as trash, I respect him too much to have meant it that way.)

-  Great pics, OhioFinFan4life.  Looks like you had an amazing day.  Too bad the team shit the bed.

- I heard an interview with Packers running back John Kuhn on ESPN radio this morning.  I was only half paying attention when he said something interesting.  When talking about the explosiveness of the Green Bay offense, he said they have ten plays in the playbook designed to score from anywhere on the field.  It doesn't matter if they are on the fifty yard line, or their own five.   I was insanely jealous of my father, a huge Packers fan, at that very moment.  Imagine, rooting for a team with enough balls and confidence to design plays to score from their own goal line.  Now I know they have a good young QB, so confidence comes easy, but still.  I would kill too see aggresive play calling like that.  Do you think we have any plays in the book like that?  Keep in mind what we do when we are backed up inside our own twenty.  Run up the middle, run up the middle, WR screen, and punt for field position.  It is exactly why we never put teams away when we have the chance.  And speaking of putting teams away...

- Do you realize we didn't win one game this year where the outcome was clearly decided before say, the end of the third quarter?  The Raider game, our most lopsided victory, was still in question well into the fourth quarter.  Again, this is a testimonial to the failure of the approach to the game that this coaching regime takes.   I complained after the Minnesota victory, that passive offensive play was only going to work for so long.   I argued that playing for an early slim lead, then holding on for dear life is not the way elite teams play.( I was then roundly destroyed on this website for being negative, and not knowing anything about football, but that is beside the point.)     Again, time for a change...

-  I referred to Aaron Rodgeres earlier.  Keep in mind that the Packers drafted him with a pick in the mid-twenties in the draft.  Think about that the next time you tell me that there are never QB's worth taking in the first round outside of the top ten picks.   I want a first round QB, and there has to be something we can do with a mid-teen pick.  And no, I am not necessarly opposed to trading away our entire draft for Andrew Luck.  Even if it means we have some holes and don't make the playoffs next year either.  We have to have a franchise QB.  Nothing else matters until that is resolved.  Of course, the Packers had enough sense to draft a QB before their current legend was past his prime.  Gee, what a novel idea.  I assumed you had to wait till a great QB leaves before you scramble to replace him.  I wonder where I got that notion?

- Finally, why do some of you feel the need to include a "jump" in a two paragraph, 95 word fanpost?  I'm just curious.  I dunno, it seems a bit douchey to me...Anyway...

Thanks for sticking with me.  I know it was long winded and a bit all over the map.   Let me know your thoughts...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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