FAQ's on our current situation (Miami Dolphins)

This is my opinion on each of the issue's we currently face in Miami. I list each complaint / question in bold and then my take on it just below. Hopefully this will spark some lively conversation and some agreement.

Why is Sparano endorsing Henne?

That is what management does to players/employee's that they want to ship to another company/team. You never disown your current players, period.

Sparano fist pumps when we score a field goal which proves he is too conservative and doesn't care how many points we score he would rather be safe than sorry.

The plain and simple answer is this - Tony Sparano does not have any confidence in his QuarterBack. Do you? Anyone who has been watching this team should not have any confidence in Henne. Every chance he gets to make something special happen he takes advantage of it by throwing a pick. Every time.

Sparano will never allow an aggressive offense

In 1997 when Sparano was coach of Div II  New Haven they averaged 42pts per game. Wow that is not too bad at any level.

If Sparano would rather have an aggressive offense then why hasn't he fired Henning?

Would you fire a dear friend of the man who gave you your big opportunity? Anyone who says "yes of course" has never been in that position and doesn't realize how difficult that really is.

Dan Henning's play calling is awful!

Yeah it is. He made the comment that this offense has been around for 40 years, huh you think the game has changed in the last 40 years?  However I do not think that is the reason our offense is so putrid. That has to fall on our QB. Good QB's can work in any system with any play caller and make it successful.

Our offensive line regressing proves Sparano doesn't know the O-Line.

Sparano played Center in Div II and has worked with the O-line in the NFL  for years. I would say that would give him a pretty good grasp on what you are looking for. I for one want a coach that isn't satisfied with a unit being decent. He wanted to have the best O-line in the NFL. It didn't work out but, he is still working on it and it is getting better.

Bill Cowher would be a huge upgrade over Sparano

Bill Cowher made the comment after the Chiefs & Bills snoozer this year that he would be watching that again on his Tivo as it was "Classic" football. Marino ripped him and said no one would watch that again unless the wanted to catch up on their sleep. Bill Cowher is a good coach and would do things different than Sparano but, anyone who thinks we get Cowher and are suddenly scoring 30 points everygame is mistaken.

Chad Henne could be good with the right OC

Really? He is last in the NFL in 4th Qtr rating. That is because of poor decision making.

Could Chad Henne get better under a new system?

I doubt it. I would love to be wrong but, most good quarterbacks show their talents sometime in their first 20 games. I am still looking. You can argue that receivers are falling down and tipping passes up in the air that have caused the INT's. I have seen at least as many defenders dropping the gifts that Henne has sent them.

Mike Nolan is awesome!

He has been a serious upgrade and has brought an excitement to our defense that wasn't there. However you cannot look at all of the dropped INT's and not hold coaching responsible. Maybe if Nolan started benching players every time they dropped an INT they would clear that up. Don't tell me "Coaches don't make the catches". Coaches are paid to develop their players and that includes getting takeaways. If we don't lose Nolan to the NCAA  then we should see a huge improvement in this next year.

What do Dolphin Fans want?

A team that is a contender year in and year out and a QuarterBack that doesn't get us laughed at when we mention his name.

What should Miami (Steve Ross) do?

Well I think they should keep this coaching staff in place minus Dan Henning. I think Sparano has all the tools you like for a successful coach to have and I think he can be great. However we need a change at OC and QB. I think Ireland should be pressed to get some new offensive talent in here QB, TE, RB. A decent QB would make this a playoff team and I think that is what we need to see next year. The Playoffs or you can go ahead and clean house.

Does this mean anything?

No. Ross could clean house in a week and I will be getting behind the next coach.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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