Heeeeeeeeeere We Go Again!


This blog is dedicated to all you Monday night quarterbacks, part-time analysts and wanted-to-be football coaches that keep telling me that there is still hope for this team.  Yeah, right. Today’s game elevated us to the 1 and 7 record at home. Someone should get a trophy for that.  My goodness.  Have you all noticed that, no matter what, they will invariably find a way to screw it.  I don’t know about you, but by the 15th game in the season, I have been conditioned, ‘a la Ivan Pavlov, that, no matter how well it may seem to be going for these guys, they will find a way to lose games. That simple.  When something like this happens, you do know, don’t you, what is really wrong, right?  Yes…you guessed right:  the coaches, friends, the coaches.


In a micro-analytical world, there is no doubt that Chad Henne, just does not belong in a football uniform, until his badly damaged confidence is restored back to his Michigan days.  The kid may have a good arm and good physical attributes going for him, but…there is definitely a problem with his “mind”.  I could not help but notice that in some of the post-game interviews, he comes through as a non-repentant soul.  There is an air of arrogance; a lack of wanting to take responsibility; a lack of humbleness.  At the beginning I gave him the benefit of the doubt and drawing on some of my psychology 101 courses, I thought this haughtiness may have had something to do with:  “wanting-to-stay-positive” or the likes.  I now have second thoughts about this guy. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over.  So… I could have been wrong about him after all.  He may very well indeed be one of these “willful” characters that will not learn from his mistakes.  I don’t know but with a 1 and 7 record at home, we just don’t have the time to have psychotherapy as part of our practice sessions.  Look, my summary psychoanalysis on this guy, is that Mr. Tony Sparano’s and Dan Henning’s brilliant offensive game-planning, including their Wild-Cat offense, managed to erode into this kid’s self-confidence to where he now hesitates and is tentative about just everything he does on the field, and, even the worse defenses on the league know they are dealing with a mentally damaged QB, hence the unending interceptions. That simple. 


Do we have a great team with a lot of potential?  I’d probably say we do.  Again, still under micro-analysis, I would redo the entire offensive line.  I would revamp special teams, kicker included.  I would take a look at some of the rookies that warmed our benches and give some of them an opportunity to replace some of the old renowned marquee players.  I think Ricky is beginning to tire down.  In the receiving core, Brandon, I don’t know.  Who knows how it would have played with a mentally sound QB. But…overall, yes, I think we have a lot of talented personnel.  Talented enough to be better than the 1 and 7 record, now showing.  Kudos to our defense that played great all year long. 


In a macro-analysis, as implied by its name, we don’t deal with any details, and look at the bigger scope of things; and…that, my friends, points almost exclusively to: “poor coaching”. With all due respects to any of you out there that may disagree with me, I said it before, and I will say it again:  Tony Sparano needs to go for us to have any hopes next season.  If he stays, I guarantee you, even if you replace Henne with a semi-decent QB specimen, Tony and his offensive coaching pundits will find a way to screw things up once again, as they did in this 2010 season.  God save us. 


In ending, if you notice, I have stayed away from any personal attacks, or shall I say, personal defenses from comments made on my previous blogs.  The witch-hunt earned me a “warning” from this site, which I will respect, even though I found it a bit unfair, considering that I was  attacked verbally only to be reprimanded for trying to defend myself.  But…I will just let it go. 


My final comment after today’s game is the following.  I had promised myself that I would not turn on the TV to watch today’s game, or at least, not until I heard on the news that Sparano and Henning were both gone for good.  But…I didn’t.  I succumbed to the torture once again, which goes to tell you that there has to be a dose of masochism somewhere in me, I guess.  Or, maybe not; it was too chilly out there to ride my Harley or go out on the boat.  I finally began to relate and understand with Packers fans, when there is really not much more to do than watch football.   Whatever the case, I ended up watching one more time, the prevalent flaws that have been ever-so-present throughout this entire season.  Frankly, if there was anything positive that could come out of this horrific loss to Detroit, it is that maybe, just maybe, that the loss will serve a better purpose of letting the world know that we need a new coach; of letting the world know that unless we fire coach Sparano and all his coaching staff, 2011 will be an extension of 2010 and don’t you doubt it.  I don’t know what will happen on our final game of the season.  The players, God bless them are playing for pride, hope and better things to come.  Sparano, I don’t know what he is playing for.  Could it be that he wants to reassess the Wild-Cat?  Whatever it may be, I do hope that someone out there wakes up and smells the coffee.  In my prayers and in all my wish lists for the New Year, I included a revamping of the Dolphin’s franchise beginning with the replacement of our offensive coaching staff.  As for Henne, I am sorry guy; you should blame your coach for the person you are today.  Why not try golf. 


And, finally, to all of you that still believe we are in a “rebuilding-the-team” mode with Sparano, and we should be gracious by giving the guy a few more years, you, my man, should run for poster-child of the “must ingenuous” club.  If you do…how many more seasons do you think Sparano may need before he can take our team to the promised land?  Two, Three, Four..or Never?  Hello, Hello ! Earth calling the ingenuous !


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