Game Notes and Mock Draft (Miami Edition)

Oh wow. After watching the Dolphins-Lions game (at the stadium, no less!); I came away convinced of a few things:

Injuries have severely hurt this team:
-Losing Brian Hartline robbed the team of its best deep threat/YAC guy, forcing Henne to consistently throw it shorter than both what the offense needed and what the fans wanted to see.
-Losing Chad Pennington took away the team's best passer for Dan Henning's system (which better not be around much longer!)
-Losing Vernon Carey has robbed the team of a veteran presence and a fierce run-blocker. His pass-blocking is on the way down though.
-Losing Karlos Dansby (for this game) took away the team's best cover man when it comes to tight ends and running backs. Think Jahvid Best's catch-and-run would have ended differently if Dansby was there?

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-In this game, both picks appeared to be the result of locking onto SPOTS, not onto RECEIVERS. On the first pick, he locked onto where Mickey Shuler was supposed to be. Instead, something happened to Shuler, Henne went through the motion and hit Vasher in the chest. The second one? He locked onto the middle of the field (I believe the intended receiver was Bess) and he didn't see Bess trip, fall, or whatever happened to him. He went through his motion again and zipped it into Levy's numbers. (That touchdown could have been prevented if we could TACKLE).
-When running the no-huddle, he appeared poised and decisive with the ball. However, I don't understand the rollouts and the bootlegs he runs. They interrupt his rhythm out of the shotgun and they limit his reads. Henne's at his best when he's allowed to stand back, make his reads, and fire away. When he rolls out, it limits his options and contributes to him forcing throws. Let him run the no-huddle out of the shotgun (NO ROLLOUTS OR BOOTLEGS). 
-I don't know what to say about the 2-minute drill, other than it was poorly executed (understatement of the year). I won't say anything else.

The defense:
-I'm not sure why, but whenever Calvin Johnson went into motion (at least to me), neither Davis nor Smith tracked him. Instead, they stayed where they were, and let Sapp or Carroll and whatever safeties were on the field take on the responsibility of covering him. NO. IF YOU WANT A CHANCE AT DEFENDING HIM, MATCH UP YOUR BEST DEFENDERS WITH HIM. 
-Apparently Mike Nolan went with a zone-heavy game plan, because Detroit's guys were consistently able to find soft spots in the zone. If it wasn't for some hard hits or pressure on Shaun Hill (when it got there), the score would have looked much farther apart than it was. Even after Calvin Johnson went out of the game, we stayed in a zone-heavy defense. When a team trots out Nate Burleson, Bryant Johnson and TE Tony Scheffler as starting receivers, take chances with man-to-man coverage. A turnover at any point in the second half would have been huge for Miami's chances.
-Sean Smith needs hands. Sadly, St. Nick skipped Sean's house during his Christmas flight. Thus, two big plays for Miami didn't happen.

Alright, I'm done with those rants/notes (if anybody bothered to read them). To the mock draft! 

What does Miami need? 
-SPEED on offense. Speed kills. 
-A new running back that can come in and contribute immediately.
-An upgrade on the interior O-line.

Here's my shot at it:

Round 1: Torrey Smith, WR/RS, Maryland. He's a junior, but all signs point to him leaving (barring a Mike Leach appearance). He's an electrifying return man, and has legitimate deep speed. If nothing else, he can at least force defenses to honor his speed, opening up the middle of the field for Marshall and Bess and the rest of it for Hartline and Fasano.
Round 3: Bilal Powell, HB, Louisville. Trust me, this kid's on his way up. CBS Sports projects him in the 5th to 6th round. ESPN gives him a late 4th round grade. He can create his own yardage, break tackles, and has just enough speed to turn the corner (paired with popular FA target Darren Sproles, he would be deadly). If that wasn't enough, he's got solid hands out of the backfield and can catch downfield. 
Round 4: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU. Dalton has running ability. He's also been one of the most statistically accurate quarterbacks at the college level. Stats don't mean anything. He's got excellent short-to-intermediate accuracy. He doesn't have a Chad Henne arm, but he can throw deep. The knock on him is his size (6'1", 216-ish). Scouts said that about Colt McCoy to. McCoy's a better runner, but Dalton's similar to McCoy otherwise. He'd be a good pick.
Round 5: Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU. If Dalton becomes the new QB, why not grab his center to make it easier?
Round 6: Brandon Bair, DL, Oregon. He has the size and strength to play 3-4 defensive end, and the ability to move to DT in Nolan's hybrid D. Insurance if our injured D-linemen don't come back to full strength.
Round 7: Jordan Cameron, TE, USC. Basketball player-turned-draft prospect has the size and speed to impact the game as a field-stretcher from the TE position. It's worth gambling on late.
Round 7: Andrew Phillips, OG, Stanford. Add depth to a sketchy OG position and has the size and run-blocking ability to become a starter. On his way up.

Sorry for the length, I wanted to try and make several points. Feel free to agree, disagree and leave comments!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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