My wishlist for the upcoming offseason

To begin this list, I first want the Dolphins to win the final 2 games of the season, I hate losing and even if we lose the next 2 games on purpose, we would get a better draft pick but I don't care. If we were at 17 now and losing the next 2 games puts us as 10 means nothing. There is nothing bad with a 17 rather than a 10. A win is the best thing. Now here's what I wish to see happen this offseason:

Coaching Staff

1. Get rid of Mr. Conservative and bring In Gary Kubiak. I am assuming that he won't be coaching Texans next year but I think he would fit well in Miami. Assuming Kubiak stays, I say we try to interview Tennessee's OC Hiemerdinger or someone capable of making this offense successful.

2. I am very sure that Mike Nolan will be offered a head coaching job somewhere whether it be in Cleveland, Carolina, or whoever, Miami FO must do whatever it takes in order to keep him. He is the main reason why we sit at 7-7, no worse.

3. I really don't like Jeff Ireland. I say we get rid of him and get a replacement.

4. Now as for a coaching change, if Bill Cowher says that Miami is the only place I wanna go, I say we get him. If he has 4 to 5 other teams on his list, forget him. If Sparano is fired so that we could get Cowher and he rejects and goes to Houston, then we kicked our own asses. I like Sparano, but Cowher would be perfect. For Miami's head coach next year, I wanna see Cowher or Sparano, noone else.

5. I say we keep our special teams coach. After Miami got rid of the old special teams coach after the game against NE, it has improved under our new one. Our Qb coach needs to go.


1. I say we have to have an open competition. Have Chad Henne compete with someone. Now one name I sure would like to see Henne compete against is Kevin Kolb. Miami should find a way to get Kevin Kolb because he has alot of good things in him. Whoever competes better, gets the starting nod. However, as a Michigan football fan, I have faith in Chad Henne unlike some people here. Although I have to say Henne has not impressed me this year as well as most of us. Now this might be to the all the pressure he's under or maybe the oldest OC in the busines, whatever it is I say we keep him starting next year unless Kevin Kolb beats him(If we get him).

2. Keep Tyler Thigpen for insurance at the position. I didn't see nothing that suggested to me that he sucks when he played against Chicago. I was quite surprised when I saw all the Phins fan quit bashing on Henne and bash on Thigpen himself. Now let's face it, was it his fault that the O-line was banged up and that people playing the O-Line had to be put in different positions that they never played before because of the injuries? Let's face it he was constantly under pressure and lucky enough he is a QB that can run. He got sacked 6 times, and I bet u if it were a Henne or CP10, they wouldve been sacked 12 times. Also, the game Thigpen played was the like the first full game he played ever since he was in KC. He only played a quarter in Pitt game in 09, and a quarter in the Titans game this year.

Running Backs

1. Resign Ronnie Brown to like a 2 year deal. I love Ronnie Brown, but what can you do when there is no running holes to go through? That's what Ronnie Brown has been through this year. He is a power back and breaks alot of tackles which is why I say bring him back.

2. I hope Ricky Williams retires. If he doesn't, it brings Miami to an interesting dilemma. No matter what I say we let Ricky go, he is old and is not what he used to be. Although I still like him :)

Either way, a RB will be drafted no question.

Wide Receivers

I love our receiving corps. We have Marshall who is a threat when given the ball anywhere in the field. We have Davone Bess who has come out to be one of the NFL's best slot receivers. We also have Brian Hartline who is a threat in the middle of the field. All have great hands and strength to get away from tackles. But, there is one thing that lacks in this receiving corp. That is SPEED. To address that, I say we go and sign WR Jacoby Jones. He has great hands and of course, awesome speed. He is a threat at WR and also on special teams returning punts. Nolan Carroll is our guy for kickoff and Jones will be our man at punts. Also, this would leave Miami loaded at WR so we could trade a Hartline somewhere since he would be have good trade value.

Tight End

Out of all the wishlists I have read, each one said to have Miami go and sign pass catching TE Owen Daniels. Now I won't mind if Miami gets him but there is a reason why Miami signed Anthony Fasano to a 2 year extension. Enough Said!

Offensive Line

We have a pretty solid offensive line that gives Henne time to throw the ball. But they lack alot in run blocking. First off, when Nate Garner comes back from injury next year, Miami should put him at C over Joe Berger. Next, Richie Incognito has been a monster this year. We should resign him. Next we should sign Logan Mankings. I say that he is our top free agent priority and he is a must sign.


I love this defense. Our corners have been great and all our d-line is monsterous. Only thing I want to see is Miami resigning both Tony McDaniel and Paul Soliai. They are the reason why Miami has a good rush defense. Finally, get rid of Benny Sapp. I see nothing from him and would rather have Jason Allen than him. Release Sapp and grab a cheap, decent CB to go with Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.


Whatever draft number Miami is, if Cam Newton is available, I say take him otherwise get a future RB like Mark Ingram. Now Cam Newton IMO would make the wildcat re-emerge again. I say we have Ronnie Brown go to the spot where Ricky williams used to be and have Newton call the snap. It would the wildcat very dangerous with Newton both throwing or running the football as well as Brown either running or throwing the football. If he is not available, get Mark Ingram, I am pretty sure he will be available. He is a great RB with a good speed. I compare him to a MJD. Remember, he won Heisman back in 2009. In the later rounds, just get a QB for insurance in case Kolb stays in Philly or goes elsewhere. That QB to draft would be Ricky Stanzi out of Iowa. I am a Michigan fan and watched each Big ten Quartback play when they faced Michigan. When Stanzi played against Michigan, he had alot bright spots. He is very accurate, has a good arm and good mobility. Problem is he lacks awareness and he sometimes takes too long to throw the football. Those could be improved and would make a decent backup or 3rd string quartback.

Last, but not least, I wish for no lockout next year and have some football. It will be VERY boring with no football. I'm done now.

Happy Holidays to all you Phins fans and GO DOLPHINS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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