The Doghouse: Where to Start?

 Well, it's been a while since I've done one of these, so if it starts to bore you, I'm sorry.


Tony Sparano

I can see why everyone is calling for his head.  I like Sparano, but his clock management could really use some work.  Cobbs made a lucky catch against the Bills, which should have been challenged, and instead of getting a play off, someone calls a time out.  I don't know who it was, Sparano or Henne, so I'm not pointing fingers yet.

Even if we lose out, I'd still like Sparano to be back as head coach.  Cowher is a very tempting canidate, but I don't want him.  It would be great to have a Super-Bowl winnng coach, but Cowher would shuffle up the coaching staff, the FO, and the roster.  What I'm saying means, I don't want to see another rebuilding year.  Blast me if you want, I really don't care.

Chad and Dan

Chad Henne has not been what we expected. But, I figured out why he's doing so bad.  He's in the legendary sophmore slump.  Alot of second year starters get it.  Ok, I'll admit that was a lame excuse, lol.

I'll get back to Chad later. Right now I'd like to talk about Dan "The Grinch who Stole Winning" Henning.  I typed this comment this week:

Give a toddler some crayons and paper. The toddler could draw up a better game plan then Henning.

To me, the statement is very true.  Who in their right mind calls a wildcat play, after Henne has been on fire the last few throws?  The wildcat takes away Henne's momentum.  I've stated that all year.  We couldn't even run on the worst run D in the league.  No reason to call a wildcat play, when we were having success through the air.

Henning is done after the season.  He will retire, or so he says.  But, if he doesn't, he deserves to be fired.  If Sparano has half a brain, he'd fire him after the Patriots game. If Sparano doesn't fire him, then both need to leave the building ASAP.

Henning calls a conservative offense.  He runs short routes that go for 10 yards or less.  That is a CP10 offense.  Now if Henning would change the offense to an aggresive offense, that would fit Henne better.  Despite a few bad throws, Henne actually had a good game against the Bills, going 33/45.  I'm willing to give Henne another chance, only if Henning is gone.

The Phinsder and Phin Fans

I'm not going to go all out on this one.  Last game thread, I made one negative comment for the first time all season, and I get called out for it.  My first one all season...when I was calling out alot of people during the year.

Your not a fan if you say "Oh they scored, we lose" when it's only the first damn quarter.  I'm 18, if your older than me, it's sad I got to tell you to grow up.  I'm done showing up to game threads.  I'm tired of getting called out for my positivness. 

Why are we booing?  I know we sucked.  But we got to support our team.  It's music to the other teams ears.  This team needs all the support they can get. Like Phin-Phan-Phorever posted:

Shame on You - Boo Birds



Not the greatest, but hey it's almost the holidays.  It'll be the end of another year soon.  I reached my new year resolution by losing 54 pounds.  Didn't like to admit it, but I was over-weight.  Just glad I'm back to my normal self.  Hope everyone reached their new years resolution.  Enjoy your Christmas and be safe.



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