My point of view - Fix things?

Well I will star by saying the moment DC$ missed his 4th FG on Sunday I decided to not bother myself anymore for the 2010 season, I will watch the final two games with different eyes trying to scrutinize this team. I want to find something that tells me not everything is screwed in the Offense, some kind of real explanation for the lackluster home performances, leadership from however on the team and Coaches rumbling like mad dogs on the sidelines when poor execution is the norm.

I love this team so much that I got to see all games of the season without having NFL sunday ticket, looking for places in which the game would be televised (which is not necessarily easy in Mexico). But as a fan I have the right to say this season is over and I'll really will care when the FA period, OTAs, TC, Preseason... starts again. If someone believes I'm wrong with this mindset or this makes me less a fan, well... I'll say shove it as you like it the most.

Now for my sake I'll share what I think our team must do in first place to Fix things out. We should bring a new QB (vet or rook best available is the way to go), we should get some speed on the WR or/and RB position, we should get fresh legs and body at RB, we should bring a TE that stretch the field and works as security blanket, but you know what I'm on the corner of fixing the O Line before doing anything else.

Do you find surprising that our D raised to 4th on total yds and 2nd in scoring after Paul Soliai decided to take the next step and eat up blockers freeing every one else to do their jobs? Suddenly teams can't run on us and we became a dominant D well it all started with the Line. The same applies for the Offense the O Line ranks on the bottom echelon of the league so what else could you expect of the unit.

The O line this year has allowed 31 sacks and 60 QB hits, which is 15th in both categories, also, the running game has produced 1,445 yds for an average of 3.7 ypc which ranks 21th and 31th in the NFL. I think a team will go as far as their trenches can push that team, and we have NO push.

You may come telling me Colts OLine is death last in rushing which is true, but that unit is the Top unit in pass protection. Miami OLine sucks in both. Where do that lead:

  • Chad Henne is not close to be franchise in the present and getting constantly under pressure, hit and sack definitely didn't help him get any confidence if he had any at some time. This will apply for any QB you put in there while I agree some sacks are Henne to blame and that an elite QB would know what to do better than the "droid" I just can't visualize Manning or Brady getting hurried, pressured and sacked constantly during a game and performing as they usually do. Actually the worst they have looked have been under that same circumstances.
  • How do you run the ball when no running lanes are there. We could trash Ronnie and Ricky saying they are hitting the wall and have lost a step, but for two guys that when playing and healthy have always averaged more than 4 ypc suddenly drop production like that. I'm not buying it. Want to bring a new RB let's say a CJ Spiller type, well I think he will have the same production Spiller has in Buffalo 'cause the O Line is not performing better than that as a whole.
  • For a speed player to shine we need the O Line to let a play develop, I've seen the line collapse just too often and too fast. Speed won't prevent a sack nor a Tackle for Loss if the O Line can't hold its ground.
  • Catching TE we would love to see. Do you imagine Jason Witten or Antonio Gates staying on the Line to give extra pass protection? Well that would be his role in quite too many plays 'cause thats the only way for the O Line to give that extra second for a QB to try to not mess up (which he does anyway). Same has happened with RB's getting passes they have to stay to give extra protection 'cause is already known the line couldn't do it by themselves.
So I would like us to draft a high profile Tackle which could allow us to trade down and get a late 2nd and have a bigger security blanket in case anything happens to Big Jake, move Carey to RG which could be the right spot for him at this stage. Look for a Center in Incognito, Garner (when comes back) FA or draft and the other guard spot is waiting Jerry to develop. The only way I would like us to draft a QB is if by miracle Mallet (which by the way gets the criticism Henne gets but at the college level) falls to us. Luck is not falling, just quit on that thinking.
So of course I'm probably wrong and we should just focus in QB, RB, TE and Speed  as the main problems on this team... I know the trenches are not sexy but as I said before in this post. "I think a team will go as far as their trenches can push that team and we have NO push".

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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