Part Of My Wish List To Santa

Tony Sparano: Fired


What does he do? I know his players like playing for him. But what does he do besides cheerleading field goals? Does he come up with game plans? How much say does he have/use when it comes to player/coach personnel? Why doesn't it seem he trumps decisions made by others? The head coach is the top guy and should have his say in everything. I get the feeling he lets shit fly and doesn't correct the mistakes by his coaches. Now this week he backed Henning? I don't care if Henning is about to retire so he decided to be nice or whatever. There's no good reason to support that shit. Flush it down the toilet. I hope he's packing his bags because of that statement.

Jeff Ireland: One more chance


You've been mentored by an old school guy. You can build a great defense but suck when it comes to offense. Two QB's drafted in the second round. One bust a year later and the other may not be a starting QB in the league next year? Good job. You've got good scouts for WR's. Bess, Hartline, and Armstrong. Other than that you suck when it comes to the O. You got rid of Ginn and cut Armstrong (last year). Then you didn't draft any speed to line up opposite of Marshall to complete our core. You then took a DE with our 1st round pick. We are stacked a DE. You took a guard who's struggling with our 3rd round pick (likely influenced by TS) and missed on Aaron Hernandez. A TE's which everyone was high on. It's not like he came from no where. However, I want to see what you can do when you have to focus on offense without Parcells influence.

Dan Henning: Fired


Your playing calling and offense suck. Show us our QB sucks like you say he does. It's better to have the answers.

Chad Henne. Demoted to back up/battle for the starting spot.


Who are you? We simply don't know at year three. Your supporting cast is awful. But when you do get your chances you are still inconstant. Ball placement, decision making, and the speed of the game seem to be a big problem for you. The question is, do you get enough fair chances? Lets say we make that excuse for you this year. Do we continue to make excuses for you next year if you happen to struggle? For example, "saying you didn't have enough time in the new system." Your name is "Chad question-mark Henne". But I believe you are part of the problem because you don't make the most with your chances like winners do. I'll like to see a first round pick QB

David Lee QB coach: Fired



Your hair is whiter now. But your wisdom when it comes to QB's hasn't improved. John Beck 2nd round bust. Chad Henne heavily struggling 2nd round pick. Pat White 2nd round bust. I don't want you anywhere near the next QB.

Most of all I blame Bill Parcells: Waterboarded


Whether he jumped ship or he actually thought he left a solid foundation he failed us. He got lucky with Pennington in his first year. But in year three we are a middle of the pack team with giant question marks heading into the off-season. I do thank him for acquiring these next two coaches. But it wasn't nearly enough.


Mike Nolan: Stay as DC


He's doing a great job with our D. We can go along way if our offense was just average because of him and his guys. I just hope he doesn't forget what happened when he wore that red shirt in this picture. 

Kacy Rodgers: Possible promotion


Our D line Coach. Everyone plays great on his line. Even before Mike Nolan got here. There hasn't been any bust and there has been some nice surprises on his line. I do want Cowher as head coach in Miami (Great coach and credibility) But at the same time I wonder what this guy can do if we can't get Cowher. His highest position he's held was assistant head coach in college at middle Tennessee. They went  8-3 in that short span before becoming the Dline coach for the Cowboys. I wonder if he understands the aspect of running the whole team enough for the HC job.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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