Real Talk with Deuce

Wow who would've thought the Buffalo Bills would have QB stability before the Dolphins? Or even worse, who would've thought their offense would be more productive than ours this season? Anyway here are some topics for thought.

Trading places

Could you imagine where this team would be if Ryan Fitzpatrick was our QB? I never thought Id say that in the beginning of the year, but Fitzpatrick is ballin in Buffalo. It's even more impressive cuz he's doin it with a suspect o-line and undrafted rookie receivers.


Just for kicks

Dan Carpenter has been on point this year, but you earn your money when the game is on the line. He's made a lot of field goals this year but he hasn't really been put in many clutch situations. Anyway It was just one of those days for Carpenter, he's been reliable all year so I aint trippin.


Blame it on the Henne

Whether Henne is the answer or not (I'm leaning towards not), we need a new QB.There is no legitamite competition at this position, and until we get it, we are stuck with Henne (and that's not looking like a good thing).


Bill Cowher

If the rumors are true and Bill Cowher wants to come to Miami, then I don't know what Stephen Ross is waiting for. Don't get me wrong Sparano is cool and all, but the man acts like we won the Super Bowl every time we kick a field goal. So in other words he's excited to be average, and this team has been average all year long. All that rah-rah shit is getting old, and it may be time for a change.


3 year rebuilding project my ass..

Going back to 08' the Dolphins, Ravens, and Falcons were in similar situations. They were all coming off horrible seasons, and had to start the process of rebuilding their franchises. New GMs, new head coaches, and most of all new players. They all made amazing single season turnarounds and each went 11-5. 2 years later the Ravens & Falcons are in playoff contention, and the Dolphins are just trying to stay at .500. The main difference between Miami and those other 2 franchises is stability at the QB position. They took a risk on QBs in 08' and it's paying off now. Miami on the other hands chose to play it safe and take Chad Henne and we see how that's paying off smh. Hell, Matt Flynn is looking like a better pick right now.


Look ma no hands!

I thought Sean Smith's rookie year was a fluke, but now I understand why he had 0 INTs last year. He's like the opposite of a ballhawk. Whatever he has can't be fixed by a Jugs machine folks, so just accept it and let him be. It's kind of disappointing though cuz now we know he can't catch or tackle. With that being said he better tighten up his coverage skills.


1 man's trash is...

Maybe the Dolphins made a mistake in cutting that Anthony Armstrong kid. Despite the QB controversy in Washington, Armstrong is 3rd in the NFL with plays over 40 yards (6). Outside of Marshall this offense doesn't have that type of big play ability. Hmm he might of been the threat Marshall needed to loosen up his coverage his way. Oh well...

speaking of deep plays, I thought Bills cornerback Drayton Florence had something interesting to say

“Teams can’t beat you if they don’t get deep balls over the top,” Florence said. “We knew Bess was going to b  the short, intermediate guy. They brought Kevin Curtis in. He was going to be the deep guy along with [Brandon] Marshall. We pretty much stayed on top of those two guys and let Bess do his thing underneath and just made the tackles on him.”

Kevin Curtis gave us a little taste of what a deep threat looks like, but of course at 32 he isn't the long-term answer. Anyway despite being here for less than a week I think Curtis made a major impact by putting speed on the field that defenses have to respect. He actually beat a defense over the top, that's something Hartline couldn't do opposite Marshall.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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