No chance? I beg to differ.

With all the post on Miami's chances at playoff berths, I have looked into scheduling and, while our chances are small at this time, a week or two can change everything. As we all know, the Jets have a very difficult stretch of games awaiting them, which consist of going to Foxborough to take on the Pats, home vs Miami, at Pittsburgh, at Chicago, and then rounding out with a home game against a reborn Buffalo team. Keeping that gauntlet in mind, it is also important to realize Miami's chance of getting into the postseason is almost assuredly going to be an afterthought if they drop another game this year, and winning out will be a tough task, with a home game against an upstart Cleveland team, at New York, at home against aforementioned Buffalo, home against Detroit, and ending with a game in New England. That stretch is tough, but not impossible. But going back to the Jets tough stretch, an idea came into mind, after the jump...

Now, we are all saying, "we need the Jets AND Patriots to lose!" And I can agree that would be great, but it's highly unlikely. So now comes this idea, recall how the Jets got into the playoffs last year? Yeah.. I'm going there. What if we pull for New England to win out, then rest their starters against us in week 17? This takes away a hard test for us and to put it bluntly, gives us a freebie. The Patriots final 5 games are at home against New York, at Chicago, home vs Green Bay, at Buffalo, then Miami at home. That stretch is no cupcake either, but the major difference is they have the Jets at home, big advantage, and play Green Bay at home, which is tough, but more favorable then playing on the road in Pittsburgh. So lets say we get the dice to roll our way and the Jets lose 3 of 5, which the best chance of that would be in Pittsburgh, at New England, and against Miami, since we need to win out, and considering tie breakers and strength of schedule. Now, some may say, "That's just our division! What about Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego and Baltimore?!" Well, I will explain that as well!

Baltimore and Pittsburgh- Believe it or not it does not matter what they do. Going through tie breakers to the end of the year, one can win the division and one can clinch one of the two wildcard berths, and it does not effect us. So what about Kansas City and San Diego?

San Diego and Kansas City- Once again, they do not matter! San Diego's remaining games are home vs Oakland, home vs Kansas City, home vs San Francisco, then they travel to Cincinnati and end with a road game in Denver. The Chiefs remaining games are home vs Denver, at San Diego, at St. Louis, home vs Tennessee, and then home vs Oakland. So as you can see both have relatively easy games, but the big one is week 14 against one another, someone will win and someone will lose, either team can win the remainder of their games and we will still own tie breakers over the loser.

*Now, if the Jets lose 3 of 5, Dolphins win out, Chargers beat the Chiefs, and Baltimore beats Pittsburgh the playoff picture will look like this..

#6 Miami @ #3 San Diego

#5 Pittsburgh @ #4 (AFC South winner)

And #1 New England and #2 Baltimore will be on bye.

*The only difference would be changing the winner of the Steelers vs. Ravens game, they would switch seed #'s, and if the Chiefs defeat the Chargers, then the Chiefs will be the #3 seed and host Miami, and the Chargers will be left out. The only impact those games have on Miami is potential playoff match ups.

So Ladies and gentleman, there you have it, our playoff hopes are very, VERY real. It will take 2 things, 3 Jets losses in the next 5 games, and obviously, Miami needs to win out to make any of this matter. Both are going to be tough, the Jets are a good football team, and Miami has a tough stretch, but our playoff lives have nothing to do with the Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs, or Chargers. Nothing. So Miami, you're mission, if you choose to accept it, is win the rest of your games! And we will worry about the Jets after the win. And week 14, you. are. HUGE. Go Dolphins.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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