My Point of View - Phins beat Jest

I, as many of you, was going crazy on Sunday.

I also, as some of you, asked myself how on earth Brandon Fields can kick the ball that far and high.

I also, as many of you, shout my best Spanish (English in your case) expletives to the TV, Henning, Brown, Henne, Smith and the commentators (which in Mexico are all over Sanchez balls).

I also, as most of you, was encouraged by the whole D, Soliai, Langford, Wake, Davis, Smith all getting props.

But more importantly I, as ALL of you, was satisfied when Wake sealed the game and the victory formation was on the field.

I said during Sunday open thread, I was enjoying the game and I really did. Classic Defense football from both teams taking the advantage on crappy weather conditions. Both defenses succeeding at stopping the run, forcing fumbles because a slippery ball, ballhawking on QB's.

How could I not enjoy seeing Soliai blossom in front of me? He manhandled the "best" center on football, disrupted the pocket, ate blockers and even got a sack. This is his 3rd consecutive outing taking control of the line of scrimmage limiting 3 teams that are top 5 run offenses. So I enjoyed that.

How could I not enjoy QB's looking away from VD? I rooted for Miami to get Davis in 2009 and I just love to see how much respect he has earned. Ball just doesn't go his way anymore and when they dare to throw his way short gains or incomplete passes are the norm.

How could I not enjoy Cam Wake? DPOY that's what he deserves. 2 more sacks, 2 more tackles for loss and he is simply a monster. I cannot say I forgot about #99 but who has that guy with #55 last year J-what?

How could I not enjoy the ST gunners? Rashad Jones and Jonathon Amaya were flying and also laying the wood on whoever was returning punts yesterday.

Now truth be told I'm not taking the heat off the Offense, Henne looked flustered again, the OL had more holes than a gruyere, R & R were derailed, OL with no push. I never thought I would miss Vernon Carey that much. WR's dropping passes as usual. Fumble-itis all over the place. Henning been Henning and the offense was a complete mess.

The only highlights for me are BMarsh caught the TD that lead to the victory. Henne threw a TD and not threw an interception. That's it on the O.

Playoffs well the mathematical possibility is there. "Why not us?" They say. Well to answer that question I need to sentences.  Team has no leadership on offense on the field and team has won only one game at home. That's why not us. Now the optimistic in me thinks Jets will completely implode and KC with them.

That's it, Comments down there.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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