Boiling Over...

I wasn't going to bring this up.  I swore to myself I would stay away from it, but I've had enough of this and I have to vent about it.  I am talking about the Nolan Carrol tripping incident.  I was going to leave it alone, because there really is no way to trust my gut on my reaction to it.  I'm clearly not objective, as much as I love the Dolphins, and loathe, loathe, just absolutely loathe the Jets and everyone who works for them.  But in the last 48 hours, I have heard some absolutely preposterous things, and now I want to weigh in, even if no one asked for my opinion.

There are so many aspects to this that have pissed me off, so I am not quite certain where to start.  But I guess dissecting some of the portions of his "apology" is as good a place as any:

"I made a mistake"...

Nu-no jackass.  This was not a mistake.  A "mistake" implies an accident.  Like the time I backed a forklift into my bosses brand-new pick-up truck.  That was stupid, and careless, but obviously, it was unintentional.  That is a mistake.  What you did was clearly done on purpose.  It reaked of malicious intent. 

"It was an error in judgement"... 

Again, I have to call bullshit.  An error in judgement is when your actions cause unintended consequences that you did not foresee.  Even if the result was obvious to everyone else in the world of reason and logic.  Telling an off-color joke to to your conservative father-in-law is an "error in judgement".  Conversely, what happened to Nolan Carrol was EXACTLY what you intended.  Your thought process was clear: "I'm going to stick my knee out, and this poor bastard is going to fall."   You aren't the victim of bad luck or circumstance.  You are a gym-rat meathead who was trying to impress his athlete buddies.  Plain and simple.

The Public Reaction...

I also have a problem with how a large portion of the masses, including some on this site, have reacted to this incident.  I keep hearing things like, "at least he admitted it".  Of course he admitted it.  IT WAS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!  Everyone watched it ten times in magnified slow motion before the game had even ended.  What was he going to do? Deny it?

"Nah guys, wasn't me."

"Umm, Sal, here is the replay, we are watching you do it right now."

"Nope, not me. Next question?"

And I am also hearing "well, at least he apologized."  Naturally, once the guy realized he was caught, he had to immediately flip into self-preservation mode.  The only thing he was truly sorry about was that he might now lose that cherry gig he brags to all his friends about.  I'd be sorry about that too.

The bottom line is this.  If it was a temporary "error in judgement" or a "mistake", why wasn't he apologizing to Carrol while he was laying on the field clutching his knee right in front of him?  No, it was only after he found out the video had made it onto the broadcast, and I'm sure  got a good talking to from the Jets PR staff, that he was suddenly so contrite, and "disappointed" in himself.  Spare me, asshole.

The punishment...

This was the final straw.  How, on gods green earth, does this guy keep his job?  Let's say you work for, I dunno, Budweiser.  Tomorrow, while on the clock, you find the nearest Coors delivery truck, pull the driver out, and punch him in the face.  You gonna keep your job?  No, you'd be out on your ass immediately, apology or not, and would most certainly be facing criminal charges.  No one would be concerned about how you were going to support your family, or if you would ever get another job in the beer industry again.

And yes, I think this is a direct reflection of the Jets as an organization.  From their pansy ass owner, who has never made a dime of that family money he spends, to the lackey general manager, all the way down to that fat walking muffin loaf they call a head coach.  This is the low-rent, meathead, dip-shit culture they have created, and are seemingly so proud of.  Do you honestly think Tom Coughlin would allow this guy on his sideline ever again?  How bout Mike Tomlin?  Bill Cowher? Tony Dungy?  No. And you know what those coaches all have in common?  They are all winners.  And their teams play with pride and class.  Even Bill Belicik, who has shown that he has no problem with cheating, would never allow someone to embarass the franchise like this.  So stop telling me that this is not representative of a low-class organization.  Somehow, this guy got it in his head that this would be acceptable. 

And lets look at this another way.  This guy, as a strenght and conditioning coach, is, presumably, well trained in things like anatomy and sports medicine, to some degree.  RIght?  Its gotta be a pre-requisite to the job, I would think.  So this guy knew, better than most of us anyway, the serious damage that could have been done to this kids knee, and career.  Its like when a trained martial arts expert gets in a barfight, and is held to a higher criminal standard because of his training and expertise.  (Although Im not really sure if that ever happens, I mean, outside of the movies)  This guy KNEW what could have happened, and he shouldn't be shown leniancy simply because he got lucky that Carrols knee isnt shredded right now.   

He certainly didn't spend any time wondering how the rookie was going to support himself, or feed his family if thatcheap-shot ended his career, so forgive me if I wanted him fired, and wouldn't give a shit about how his family would survive.

Again, I was not making a big deal about this earlier, because I can never really tell if I am being emotional and irrational when these two teams are involved.  But I have found everything about this to reprehensible.  Aas always, I welcome your feedback on any or all of this...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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