Playoff Chances and The Future

Ok I don't know about everyoen else last night but I stayed up and watched that entire Texans/Ravens game thinking about our playoff chances and of course they decreased with Texans losing (even tho they outplayed the Ravens). However According to YAHOO Playoff Sim our chances aren't entirely out the window. Most things are possible.

How Fins Make Playoffs- 1 Colts or 2 Jags loses (Jags play colts so lets hope for the win there that would elim the colts). 1 Chargers Or Chiefs loss The cheifs are without there QB and we saw how pathetic they looked they play Rams, Titans, and raidiers they will lose one of those games (Cheifs now eliminated). So now its The Jets at first I was under the impression that they could lose to Steelers and Bears and we'd be good to go. NOPE! They either need to lose out or Steelers/Bills losses or Bears/Bills losses. That's my only reach (outside of running table). Is it really a reach? Jets look really out of sync if they lose to Steelers I believe QB controversey starts brewing b/c Fatty has already said he thought about benching for brunell. So package that with fins sweep of last three and we coudl actually be playing a florida playoff game... in Jax.

Henne- If the guy somehow takes us to 10-6 regardless of playoffs yes or no I say give the guy another year. 10wins isn't easy in this league and if he finishes strong with a shot at the playoffs he deserves another year and OC. If he wins 2 and loses to Pats I'd still say yes. If he loses another at home and we fall to 8-8 I might grumble for a FA QB to pressure him into doing better.

Defense- This defense is going to be great for years to come this is one of the best defenses i've ever seen for this franchise. The best part is we are young and only getting better. Kudos to Mike Nolan and the FO for bringing him in.

Draft- OLINE and a Speed Back. Would be great to find someone who can catch well out the backfield and be a burner would be great also to add to wildcat.

R&R- I'd really hate to see Ronnie leave I believe he has alot left. Best case scenario for all Ricky retire and Ronnie stay.

Coaching- Tied in with Henne. We all assume Dan the Man is leaving. Mike nolan needs to stay and well Tony needs to win at home for the fans. Its great he can get them geeked for away games but waht about us?

I'm not ready for Bball season yet so PLEASE FINS EXTEND FOOTBALL SEASON FOR ME!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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