Henne Vs. Sanchez- Who is Better?

Alright, this is my first ever fanpost, and the day before the Jets game is as good a day as ever to make it! I'll try to tackle an issue that has been at the forefront of any discussion of the Jets and Dolphins- whether Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez is playing better, will have a better future, and will play better tomorrow.

To answer the first question, let's look at their stats so far this season.

Henne: 228 completions out of 367 attempts for 2621 yards, 12 tds and 15 ints.

Sanchez: 218 completions out of 397 attempts for 2636 yards, 16 tds and 11 ints.

Henne is the clear leader in terms of accuracy. Sanchez is erratic, easily shaken, and does not have much pinpoint passing ability. Henne has significant accuracy issues himself, but much less so, and is smarter at choosing his passes to increase the likelihood of a completion. Henne is certainly more accurate. This is much more significant than most people give it credit for in my opinion, because there has never been a quarterback in the league that completes less than 60% of his passes and has long term success. There are short term successes, but that generally has to do with their running abilities (Vince Young).

Henne also leads in yards per attempt, which is more than a little surprising. Sanchez has a much more aggressive, downfield reputation, as well as a more talented receiving corp in terms of yards after the catch and stretching the field. Henne has been playing Pennington-like football for most of the season (in style, not quality). He is not encouraged to take shots and has been poor at doing it. I'm going to take this as more of a negative for Sanchez than a positive for Henne. His "playmaking ability" might be more than a little over-rated.

Where Sanchez clearly trumps Henne is in td/int ratio. While many would qualify Sanchez as lucky, it can't be denied he has thrown touchdowns when needed and not made too many mistakes, especially early in the season (recently, not so much). Since the first Jets game, Henne has been reliable in throwing at least 1 pick every game. Usually this is caused not by an over-aggressive mentality, but by inaccurate throws (CLEVELAND!!!) and an over-conservative mentality. In the ravens game, the patriots game, and even last week, it seemed like defenses knew receivers weren't going deep and didn't respect the deep ball at all.  Then they jumped the routes and made plays on the ball. This is Henne's biggest flaw, and the reason he is on the verge of being dumped rather than the surefire quarterback of the future.

Sanchez's stats may be misleading, however. he has thrown all 11 interception in the last 7 games. In that same span, Henne has 8 interceptions. Sanchez's good start seems to have skewed his stats in this area. Still, it is undeniable he throws more touchdowns, which may have something to do with offensive mentality of each team. 

In terms of long term future, I wouldn't buy stock in either as of now. Neither has been playing well recently, and both seem to have problems which indicate long-term troubles. If forced to choose at gunpoint, I would probably take Henne. In my opinion, you have no shot at a long term career if you're not able to complete 60% of your passes. Sanchez fails that test miserably. I think in a different offense, without Dan Henning, Henne does have a chance of improving his td/int ratio. If he does, he can be a quality QB.

The biggest reason I would choose Henne is because he has a trait that Sanchez completely lacks, and you need to be successful at anything in football.  That is toughness. Sanchez looks like he is about to cry every time he makes a mistake. And to be completely frank, I think he is a total jackass that rides by on his good looks and running game to cover up the fact that he is scared s--tless every time he is on the field.  Henne does seem to have some resilience, as he almost never plays terribly for consecutive weeks, unlike Sanchez, who is the definition of streaky. And he never lets his emotions take him over, sometimes infuriatingly so, but at other times in an excellent way.

One more point: The Jets have played well this season when Sanchez has done less, whereas the Dolphins only seem to be able to win recently when Henne carries the offense. That says a lot to me, even though Henne has failed to do so a lot. But Sanchez has never truly carried the Jets the way Henne has at times, and they have shown equal ability at sinking any hopes for victory.

To conclude, I find Henne to be marginally better, in the same way I find eggplant preferable to dog excrement. While eggplant sureisn't my favorite thing in the world, at least its edible. I just hate Sanchez.

Now lets go make him cry tomorrow. I'm looking at you, Cam Wake.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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