Sanchez vs Henne with regards to Check downs

Now I know everyone is getting board of all the Henne talk. To be honest I am too, but this is interesting. Many of the bloggers here have complained lots that Henne checks down a lot and what not. Yet they all think that Mark Sanchez has improved from his first season. Let me take a few moments to throw a few things out there for everyone to chew on.

Sanchez's vs Henne's OFFENSE:

Sanchez has probably the best offensive line in the NFL today and I think many of us can concur with that thought. I think we can also concur that the Jets offense has one of the top 5 Tight Ends in the game as well, in Keller that is. Then we have Tomlinson (which by the way I thought he was washed up but has proven me and I'm sure many wrong so far this season) who has been very explosive out of the back field in terms of passing yards and running yards. Between Greene and Tomlinson as RB's, Sanchez has a pretty good running game to lean on. At the WR positions you have three notables who are rather dependable (two pro bowlers in Holmes and Edwards and consistent hands in Cotchery). With that said, we look at the passing attempts made my Mr. Sanchez..... the first two that are passed to the most are NOT WR's.... infact they are a RB and a TE. Tomlinson has the most touches with 47 receptions and with Keller the TE with 42 receptions. The next three are their WR's with Holmes (39), Edwards (37), Cotchry (31).


Henne unfortunately does not have a great line to work with compared to Sanchez. You do not have a top 10 Tight End in Fasano and you do not have a running game, that works, that he can lean on constantly if the passing game is not working all that well (play calling doesn't help this either). Yet, Henne's top targets are the following: Bess with 61 receptions, Marshall with 58 receptions, Hartline with 43 receptions, Fasano with 32, and Brown with 23. That is a WR, WR, WR, TE, RB order opposed to a RB, TE, WR, WR, WR order. Lets also add in that Henne does very well on 3rd downs to keep drives alive.


How can you complain that Henne checks down so much when it is clear that he does not check down as often as the supposedly improving Sanchez that checks down far more often even with a running game that he can lean on. When a QB checks down, that means he's going after his TE or RB or HB. With WR's as his highly targeted position. This tells me he is not checking down all that often. Now last weekends game, you can't deny that Henne played rather awful. The thing is though, Henne could flourish more if he had an offense that could help him out a little. Team does not refer to an individual but as a group and how that group works together will determine how successful they will be together. Henne does not have the experience that is needed to depend on him to carry the team. Sanchez hasn't really carried his team... yes I know they had those come back wins with the crappy teams, but come on... most of his WR's were wide open do to broken coverage and the WR's making the play happen. We have to come to the realization that Henne is not Tom Brady or Dan Marino. Those are QB's that can carry a team, but even some of the best struggle to carry the team to victories.... the one that comes to mind is Payton Manning this year. I think seeing Manning starting to crack shows that even the best QB's need certain players in the mix that help him out.

Those of you saying Sanchez is improving are blind... he has the best offense (talent wise) in the NFL and they have almost lost 4 games against rather middle of the pack or bottom of the pack teams. They just were fortunate enough that the game panned out in their favor the last seconds of the game. With that talent, that offense should be easily winning games hand over fist. Granted Sanchez is very good on his feet that keeps plays alive like Aaron Rodgers.

Now, how about we leave the Henne bashing behind and be better critics of are team as a whole. Are offense struggles are much much bigger than Henne. The top concerns on offense for me is Linement, OC (dan henning), and TE.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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