My point of view - Henne

Been on the site for me has been complicated lately. I had been running a project full time and that has taken my whole time, but lets get into business.

After reading Brantner & Fr8Train I know this post come a little bit late, but I have to take it out of my system. Beginning Sunday night, Henne lost a supporter. Until that time I was one of those guys on Henne's corner I used to believe he would take the next step, make the jump, turn the corner, develop, bla bla bla... Making a recap of the games this season he has been something like this:

  • Bills - So so
  • Minny - Flashed in 2 throws he did not lose the game.
  • Jets - Looked good but could not come back.
  • NE - Looked hot and cold but the ST gaffe on that game was humongous.
  • GB - Looked good with the classic interception
  • Pitts - Looked good but could not win the game in the last drive
  • Cincy - He did the job getting the W
  • Bal - Looked like a lost child in Walmart
  • Tenn - After been benched seemed like he had found himself, but got injured
  • Chi - Thigpen took the stage and looked even worse than Henne.
  • Oak - Henne looked renewed his best performance of the season by far.
  • Clev - Looked lost in Baltimore, well in this one he looked out of place. Not belonging.

So as all of you know after 24 games at the helm of this team Henne is unable to get a stretch of 6 or 7 games been consistent. He runs hot and cold way too often and that's something a team like our dolphins can't sustain. A clear example was this weekend when Clev got his TD drive, How did Henne respond? He delivered three times on 3rd down converting all of them finishing with a laser to Fasano to get the score. Dammit I want that QB on my team. What happened next? I hoped the guy founded himself the last drive (stupid me) with the game on the line, low pass tipped, interception, thanks for  your participation, see you next year.

Sparano is too damn right when talking about turning the ball over and his exampIe with Peyton Mannning. Actually Manning has been terrible this season to his standards, he has lost games by himself including yesterday vs. Dallas, but the huge difference is and will always be that even when he throws 3 Ints, he is able to bounce back and take a game to OT. Henne has not been able to bounce back once this season. Yesterday was the 3rd time Henne is unable to put a 4th quarter winning drive. Jets, Pitts were the other two. Something that looked it was one if his strengths last year, now have gone. Which leads me to think this guy takes one step and then he takes half step back. He had progressed but real slowly just taking the safe steps.

Now the guys making the decisions (aka FO) is in a dilemma their most important decision until now has been taking Long over Ryan, they tried to be smarter than everyone looking for the QB in the 2nd round and saving some bucks in the process. Well Matt Ryan is making the FO look stupid, I love Jake Long he is all you may want from a LT, but passing on a Franchise QB is probably unforgivable.

Henning is an idiot and has a huge responsibility on Henne's performance, the old guy is almost certainly done for next season and I will agree he has been detrimental for our QB and the team. But when a play is there the player has to convert. Well, plays have been there and Henne delivered poop, so we have gotten poop results. WR's have been at fault too, many drops, many bad routes. But again you should keep hitting them every time I would rather be bitching that X or Y receiver is an idiot for not holding onto the ball than bitch bout my QB who is not accurate enough to put the ball where the receiver can make a play.

I really want Henne to be the guy, I said want because I do, but I'm no longer expecting him to be. If it takes bringing a veteran or getting a top tier QB come next draft, fine with me. Whatever it takes to be a contender, whatever it takes to get more than 2 Wins in a row each year. If Henne beats whomever comes next year then so be it. If he lights the Jets, Pats, Bills and Det to finish the season, so be it. Until any QB in the team proves he can deliver on a consistent basis, I will not believe.

Side note a robot which I'm used to work with is a precise and accurate tool with a >95% rate of success at its tasks. So I'm not calling Henne a robot anymore until he does something like that. He is so much like a human by the way he screws up things.

P.S. If you guys wanna see Thigpen go for it. Best case is the guy could do something. Likely case is Thigpen gets killed and he gets us a better picking spot for the draft. (Which could be a best case instead).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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