Lessons to be Learned

It has been a while people and the amount of post regarding Henne, Sparano, Henning out or Thigpen, CP in, drafting a QB next season and so were just amazing after losing to the ravens.

What I understood this weekend is that this team and us fans need to learn some lessons.

Team lessons

  • Don't try fake plays, do them. It was a huge slap from the ravens when they did the fake punt the series after the phins tried to make them jump with a fake fake punt.
  • When a play is in there DO IT Henne missing Fasano in the endzone and Sean Smith bobbling the would be pick 6 were 14 points the team left there. This team is not in position to leave points in the field.
  • DC$ is not going to be 100% accurate so setting up for FG's is not gonna cut it every time.
  • Give the freaking ball to the hot runner. Whoever it is on Sunday?
  • Calling the same play when is not working 10 times in a game is nuts. 3 WRs on the left Marshall in motion to the slot. FAIL!
  • Carey is whiffing at least 2 plays per game, something gotta give.
  • Henning is a cancer for the O and is killing them slowly.
  • Everyone besides Marshall and Bess, mightily struggles to catch a pass when in tight coverage. We can expect them to bring a ball down when under pressure, also drops has been awful.

Fan lessons


  • We have a very young team that we want and expect to play like seasoned teams with seasoned leaders and several ProBowlers. GB, NE, IND, PITTS, BAL, NO, JETS.
  • We want Henne to perform like: Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez, Freeman, but Henne does not have the best friend this 4 QB have a great catching TE: Heap, Gonzalez, Keller and Winslow. Also if you want to compare WR corps Henne is at disadvantage, Freeman been the exception (kudos to him cause he really looks like the real deal). Also Henne doesn't have something all this QB does have, a offensive system that is built for them.
  • Pennington nor Thigpen are an answer Penny prime has long gone and another surgery has pilled on, while Thiggy is a Ryan Fitzpatrick whatever thats good or bad. If Henne doesn't pan out is time for shopping or drafting another QB.
  • Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are sophomores with all the potential in them but  will lay an egg here and there. Have Boldin keep the second foot in and SS had been burned for a long TD and dropped a pick 6, Jason Allen anyone? So it didn't happen but this two young corners will have ups and downs yet, luckily so far they have been more ups than downs.
  • 4-4 is mediocre as Matty pointed out, but is still a good place to be at mid season. Win 3 in a row and we are just there and I believe this team will make a run down the stretch.
  • The D won us several games, this time they failed, well it happens. NE lost to Cleveland, Browns are not that good and NE is not that bad, but any given Sunday.
Well this was my rant, like it or not express yourself, you bound to agree or disagree at the end this is for us to write about the team we love.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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