Animal's Den Volume 9

howdy fellers!!! yep it is me again your friendly back woods hillbilly.  *takes  a big ole draw from his corncob pipe*  dont ask what is in it. matty will bann me if i tell ya.  i have refrained from posting on here for a while now.  the reason? way to many crazys  on here at the start of the season.  but is seems here as of late that  it has settled down  quite a bit so i thought i would give it a shot and sum up my feelings so far on this season.


first and formost this team is just where we thought it would be come the halfway point of the year.  funny how some folks still freaking out about  that.  we all figured that if we got thru this very grueling  first part of the season that it would be a cake walk the rest of the way.  yet fate has delt us a different hand.  teams that for years now that have been the celler dwellers are all the sudden crawling out of the  pit  and actually playing some good ball.  then again what did you expect? the loins, raiders, browns would be trash teams forever?

i remember a time when the bills were in the playoffs year in and year out and it was the colts and pats that were the trash teams. but with the birth of FA and the salary cap teams  are able to revolve now and teams like the cowboys can no longer buy thier way into the playoffs. speaking of which umm mister goodel i hear that there may be a movement by teams to lift those things and make it more like baseball. and a shocker the cowboys owner is one of them pushing for that.. what is the matter boys you cant find real talent anymore? maybe it is time for the cowboys to get a new owner...hummm..??  well more on mister goodel later.

right now we as fans need to take a good hard look at our team. we said by mid season that we would get our answers and from what i have seen we have. for me when chad henne started i really had no opinion or expections on him.  i think that goes to because i dont follow collage ball so i have a clean slate on players when they hit the pro level. i like it that way so that i have no biased on any player before hand. but from what i have seen from him so far is that he is a slow learner. it is going to take this kid another of couple of years as a starter before his light comes on. he is still making rookie mistakes. i do see improvement but not fast improvement. so then for him the question for me is do we give him that time to get better or do we take a chance on a new qb thru the draft and hope that he is a faster fit  to our team?  for me  i would say give the boy his time. like others had said if we are to quick to cut him and another team picks him up and all the sudden he takes that next step we look like the fools.  i also think that some of our fans may be right about sitting him for the rest of this season give the starting job to CP10 since this is the kind system he is best suited for.

it may very well be what chad needs to lite a fire under his ass and get him out of robot mode.  we have killed our playoff hopes which again to me was a pipe dream anyway with so much young raw talent on the team. funny how we expected such high hopes for that. since when did a team full of rookies and one year players become an instant playoff team?

alot of you have been calling for our OC'S head. to be honest you guys are right on the money on that. i wont rehash all the bad plays. but henneing has been calling plays like it was the preseason. someone needs to call up to the booth and tell that old fart that the real season has started already.  ther comes a time when the game passes us by. you cant have a over the hill OC calling  out dated playing schemes.  he is so set in his ways it is like he is not even trying to adjust to what the other team is doing out there. and he is not even close to putting our talent in the best situation to win. he dont know how to wing it in short. so he really needs to go at the end of this season. personally i wouldnt be to upset if he went yesterday. give david lee a chance to see what he can do. i mean with our playoffs pretty much snuffed out what harm could it do?

now  our HC has been taking some heat as of late. myself i have been one of his biggest fans and suporters. but i will say this. tony we as fans see our weaknesses so i sure hope that you see them as well and you take steps to correct them.  you fired our special teams coach for not getting the job done so i sure as hell hope that same holds true for that out dated OC and if not then this fan will  have to rethink his loyalty to you.

one last thought.. mister goodel i am taking areal hard look at you. this is NOT i repeat NOT NOT NOT freaken madden football. stop freaken trying to make it that way. all your doing is making this game one sided all these rules and fines are way past being just stupid. hell your refs cant even figure out all this BS. why do you think they are making so many bad calls this year? i will tell you why you are making up so many rule changes that even a lawyer cant figure them out. so just stop already damn  man.  and one more issue i have with you is why is it that you make the players  accountable you make the coaches accountable but yet you give the refs a free pass? something is starting to stink around here and trust me as a farmer i know stink when i smell it.  all this crap about fineing someone over talking??? i mean really? they cant even say what they feel?? hell then why not just put up a teleprompter in all the inter view rooms for the players and coachs to read from? i got one word for you..disgusting. you keep on this path goodel and you will single handedly kill the nfl.


welp that is it for this addition of the den


as my great grand pappy use to say: life is like a box of chocolates.......ummm wait that was my goofy uncle that use to say that..lets try this again.

as my great grand pappy use to say: having whoopie with a fat girl means only one thing.....your married to her.

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