Chad Henne Is Who We Thought He Was - A Real Fans View


How many of you remember criticizing our second round pick of Chad Henne? How many remember that John Beck, our second round pick the year before, was our future? How many of you were happy that we drafted Henne? I was here and still a Dolphin fan after the 1-15 season. I went through all of the debates and people who had a “loss for words” when we drafted Henne. I remember that since Beck had the “Big Arm”, the stats, the leadership, and add the fact that he was playing behind a very poor offensive line, was our franchise QB.

 Fast Forward to the start of the 2008 season, 1’st of the “New Regime”.


We were “grooming Beck” with Henne as our third option. Most said that the pick of Henne “was for insurance”. We were going to start the season with McCown.  Then out of the sky fell Chad Pennington, a Bill Parcells “type player” whom he wanted. We go on to win the division with an 11-5 record and make it to the playoffs in the single greatest turn-around in NFL History. Many of the “top rated” members here supported Beck, and his only downside, many thought, was his age. You can dig up all of the statements from Beck supporters turned Henne supporters once it seemed clear that Henne was our future. Is this bad? Hell No! We are in fact, just supporting the team that we love, and the moves that our front office makes.

On to the 2009 season, 2’nd of the “New Regime”

We were ready. After the great turn-around, making the playoffs, a couple of nice draft picks, some good fa’s, a healthy Ronnie Brown and Chad Pennington with all of the speculation about his arm, to take the division title back home again. We get another 2’nd round pick in Pat White, another QB – that was a proven winner, to be our “Wild Cat” QB. Penne goes down, in comes Henne. This is what most Dolphin fans had wanted, the big armed QB and not the “Noodle Armed” Pennington, whom lead us to a title the year before. People started calling for the head of Dan Henning (I agree with this, and watched his suspect play-calling in Carolina, before being fired for the same reason) because we all thought he wasn’t making the most out of Hennes’ ability. The suspect runs, screens, etc – that if worked, we would all been happy – But, they didn’t. Then everyone was mixed about starting Tyler Thigpen, Chad Henne, and finally even some for Pat White. Now, this was Hennes second season under the same system, and the only REAL argument that ever comes out is he has ONLY started a few games. We lost the final three games, the last one to the Steelers being somewhat “suspect”.

So here we are in the 2010 season, 3’rd of the “New Regime”

We had what we had wanted all of the 2009 season, The Beast, a true number-one, The Alpha Receiver.  Our duo of pro-bowl caliber running backs, returning to full form and healthy. The addition of a true play making line-backer, Karlos Dansby. The Big-Armed Chad Henne to lead us. There have been mixed emotions all season. Can he win the big game? Has he fixed his touch passes? Has he stopped locking onto receivers? Can he be evasive and have pocket awareness? Every week he has shown some improvement in each area. Every week, people want him pulled, he throws critical picks, and the main argument to keep him starting is – He has only started so many games! Give him some time, do not throw the player “under the bus” – Well, I ask you, he has been in this SAME SYSTEM FOR THREE (3) YEARS NOW! We all support our Dolphins, we all want to win. Everyone knows he is not Dan Marino, and there will NEVER be another Marino! How many starting QB’s get a full 3 seasons in the same system and do not produce, and get to remain the starter? So, we fire Dan Henning (guessing here) and then what will the excuse for Henne be? “He only has 4 years in the league, but only started “insert games here”? Most fans believed in John Beck to an extent. Bring on all of the stats, all of the hate for me because I am not impressed with our QB, Do not reply – Do what makes you feel better, because that is what I am doing! I am not dumb, I know much has to do with Dan Henning and his “Leather Heads” play-calling mentality, but how much will you own up to and place on Chad Henne? I have stated since the off-season, “I will eat, all of the crow that Henne can throw at me!”, So far? Not enough for to even match the “balls in the dirt” that he bounces to our players, nor the important interceptions in games. I blame Special Teams as much as the next fan for the NE game, no-one seems to bring up the two costly picks before the ST implosion in that game. Let’s hear the hate, question me, I will answer.

And Finally - What do I want the Dolphins to do? Well, for starters whatever our coaches feel is best for our team, and like Al Davis has always said – “Just Win Baby!” If Henne is our best chance to win, then so be it. When it changes over into the off-season and everyone picks someone new - and crowns them our savior, maybe we should stop crowing anyone until they earn it!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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