My weekly match ups Dolphins @ Ravens.

Matty is great at doing this post every week but this week im going to attempt to make my own match ups for this NFL week PS: I'm going to do it a little different then matty through(i might have some of the same match ups). Putting 1-5 match ups 1 for biggest match up and so on from there so now lets get it started!

#5:Jake Long Vs.Haloti Ngata

     Jake Long no one ever worries about allowing close to no sacks this year but Ngata is a great pass rusher no doubt about it he had 2 sacks against New England a couple of weeks ago 4 sacks on the season. But if Long plays like he always does we'll be just fine and will have to just trust Henne's ability.

#4:Cameron Wake Vs.Michael Oher

     I like Michael Oher (and yes because of his movie The Blind Side). But with that said he is still a great left guard. Cameron Wake has 6.5 sacks on the season (team 17 sacks) which is a big chunk of our overall sacks this season. Then again the Flacco has only been sacked 10 times this season same as the Dolphins. Cameron was doubled last week @ Bengals and was very quiet all game this week i expect the same treatment but when doubled opens up someone else like for instance Koa Misi with 3.5 sacks this season. with that said i don't believe though that Wake with go 2 games without a sack and will make a big play tomorrow maybe even cause a fumble.

#3:Dolphins Receiving Core Vs. Ravens Receiving Core

     Dolphins receiving yards altogether this season is 1684 yards and Ravens close behind with 1645 yards so an almost even game through the air between these two teams (at least by the stats). Marshall 588 yards, Bess 401 yards, Hartline 287 yards, and Fasano 234 yards make up the dolphins air game. Ravens: Anquan Boldin 518 yards, Derrick Mason 357 yards, Todd Heap 318 yards, and TJ Houshmandzadeh 128 yards. I believe that we should start this game using Marshall as a down field threat as Boldin is used on the Ravens which if as i predicted happens he would open that field and let Bess to go on quick outs and digs to get some easy first downs. But from games past this season we are going to have a few trick plays and flat routes which dont get us tds as often as we would like so i think if we use Marshall's skill as we should be we could win this game threw the air.

#2: Joe Flacco Vs. Dolphins Secondary 

     Flacco is great hitting his wide outs this year with 10 td throwing and has had many deep shots to Boldin for tds this season connecting with his top WR in the end zone 5 times. and isnt that one of the big problems in the Dolphins defense. doesnt it feel like that the dolphins get beat deep at least once a game or more:Vs. Jets 2 tds deep, vs. Packers 1 td from a deep throw, vs. Steelers 1 td, vs. the Bengals last week 2 td from the long ball. its sad and if we follow that pattern tomorrow Boldin will be in the end zone 2-3 times because long is his specialty. and i know Vontae Davis is the lock down corner we all love but we saw vs the Packers that no ones perfect getting schooled be Greg Jennings in the art of the double move scoring a 60 yard + td catch. i after my insults still believeish in our secondary to do there best and hopefully thats enough.

#1 Chad Henne Vs. Ed Reed

     The Ravens defense coming off of the bye will be rested and with Ed Reed having his 2nd game since he has come back from his injury with missing some games this season already have 2 int. and for sure is the captain of the Ravens secondary and depending how he does will ultimately shift the game either way. chad has of course this season forced passes that end up being picked but hes gotten better and now instead of just throwing the ball to throw the ball he'll wait nothing there run it or throw it away. i've liked seeing his progression threw these two years of having the starting position in Miami and im betting that Sparano has told Henne all week if Reeds close to the play stay away (unless of course hes wide open).

     Those are my 5 match ups for the game @ Ravens my prediction for the game is close but dolphins pull it out: 17-14.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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