Virginia and North Carolina - Miami Dolphins Fan Club? Anyone Interested?

Just think of all the fun that Big Griff has with the Toledo Dolphin Fan Club - We could do this. There are many smart people here!

Ok, So I have an idea and wanted to run it across some other people and see if we can all get some ideas going and start a Miami Dolphin Fan Club for Virginia and North Carolina Fans? I live around Martinsville, VA – if you follow racing, then you probably know it as one of the smallest Nascar Tracks that there is. If not, it is a very small place, heck we don’t even have an iHop, Buffalo Wild Wings, or anything of that nature.

I am thinking that maybe we could form a club, maybe meet once a month somewhere to talk football, mainly The Miami Dolphins, find a restaurant or bar that has Sunday ticket, and maybe somewhere to hang out at. I was also thinking maybe once a year, we could all go watch a Carolina Panther game live, now The Panthers are not really any good, but if they move many of us will miss out on chances to see The Dolphins play, the way many of us from The Phinsider got to watch our favorite team play last year. The tickets are very cheap; we would have our own tailgate section, and always try to plan the game on maybe either a Dolphins’ bye week, or when they play at different times.

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Here are some ideas that I have, and things that I am willing to do to get it started.

1.       I would drive to any city in Virginia or Carolina within a 3 hour distance once a month to try this out.

2.       There is no “leader”, but wouldn’t this be cool? Look at Big Griff (OFFFL) and their Toledo Dolphin Fan Club and how much fun they have.

3.       There are some really smart people here, I would not have a problem incorporating everyone’s ideas into one big nice plan.

4.       I just honestly think that it would be worth a shot if we could find a few people to actually try.

5.       I would “throw in” on anything that we may need like a Flag Banner, everyone knows that I keep jerseys, I would donate some to people in our group that might not have a Fin jersey of their own so that we can “rep” wherever we go on this day we decide if we do.

6.       People on my route to where the meeting would be held, I would not have a problem picking a few up.


I just really think that with all of the people I see from Virginia and Carolina that post here, we could make some kind of an effort to support our team together as a club! I am also a web designer, I am going to make a FaceBook page for this and if we got enough members, would have no problem making a website and hosting the domain on my own time. We would have lots of stories to share, videos we could youtube, kind of would be like a “family holiday” together, and hopefully make some lifelong friends!


Any ideas and information would be helpful! I am ready, willing, and able to try this and support our team. Anyone else?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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