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Great game by Chad Henne yesterday, but this one game doesn't all of sudden make him a franchise QB. Right now everyone is riding the Chad Henne bandwagon, so most of you are probably not going to agree with this (even though I'm sure most of you will hop off as soon as he throws his next INT). There is more to being a franchise QB than just stats. There's things like consistency, leadership, etc. You can just tell when someone either has it or they don't.  I'm not saying he can't be a good QB in the league, but to think that he will eventually develop into a franchise QB is not even a guarantee.

The Jets and the Patriots are not perfect by any means but their winning games. Any weaknesses the do have are covered up and the use their strengths to the fullest. To Henne's credit his best strength is his arm, but this team can't use that to their advantage until they get a legit deep threat. We should be seeing plays like this more often with his arm and a guy like Marshall drawing a safety...


  • The receiving core as a whole played a good game, but let's not get ahead of ourselves Brandon Marshall was brought in for a reason. Just to put things in perspective, this was Asomugha's first game back from an ankle injury.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha admitted he couldn’t plant and turn Sunday.  He gave up four receptions for 65 yards and incurred a holding penalty.

Not to mention 113 of those receiving yards came courtesy of Walter McFadden who was consistently providing bad coverage all game.

  • Speaking of Marshall, lately he's shown he still has some growing up to do. Anyone who begged for Marshall specifically shouldn't complain about his behavior as of late. But most of all the FO can't complain because they knew who they were getting when they signed him to that 50 Million dollar contract.
  • Jacoby Ford..yea we need one of those. This team doesn't have a big play receiver like that on this offense. He's a deep threat, he returns kicks, and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. That's the type of player you find ways to get the ball. For a team that struggles to score points, we can use this quick strike ability.
  • I think it's safe to say that Chris Clemons is not a playmaking/ ballhawk safety (and he can't catch). With that being said he plays solid football back there and that's all you can ask for. He was actually a big surprise considering how big the need at FS was this year.
  • As much as I love the Dolphins, I gotta put em in the same category as the Heat because they can't beat the good teams. As of right now their is only one team the Dolphins beat that are above .500, and that was a Packers team filled with injuries.

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