We Need A Real "Field General"!


First Off, I would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone on this site!


“May God Have Mercy On My Enemies, Because I WILL NOT!” – George S. Patton

This is a thread about what we really need, a warrior whom is not afraid. We all know that Dan Henning is not the answer, and hopefully he will retire, but just wished he would have been shown the door by now. Football is war, make no mistake about it – in fact most of the terms used in the game today have been derived from war. We have the trenches, the blitz, captains, field generals, and the bomb – etc; we need someone with “The Eye of the Tiger”, someone who is Hungry!  We need someone that has the mind of a general, if you will, and strategically game plan for our enemies each and every week! We can all chat each week with our opponents, but we all know that come Sunday, YOU are our enemy! We need to be Fired Up EVERY GAME!

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“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”  - Genghis Kahn

You might ask, “Why is your thread full of quotes and all this talk of war?” Well, it is quite simple, every game is war! I am an ex Airborne Army Ranger, 75’Th Regiment – I know there are many military and ex military personal here at this site. If we ever went to a war with the same plans every time as Dan Henning does, what would we be considered? You got it, Predictable! Also, we would lose more than we would accomplish. We cannot just keep playing "Not To Lose", we need to "Play To Win"! Now, I am not saying “Go hire some ex military coach” but we really need someone to think like this. We need a mean, downright hateful, get the job done coach! If you think movies, think of “Full Metal Jacket”, the Drill Sergeant that is just mean, rough and tough. We need our “troops” prepared for each game in all aspects; durability, mentally, physically, and understand their assignments and routes. If our QB sees the blitz coming, he should be able to call the audible; this is common sense as it applies to “variable change”. I do not know who this man is, but that is the kind of man that I want and envision as the offensive coordinator of The Miami Dolphins! So many games we have been unprepared in many aspects, they say we have one of the toughest off-season condition programs in the league? Why do most of our players seem to get hurt more often than not? We need to adjust to every team that we play. Most teams are not the same; you cannot run the same plays week in and week out and expect to win! We need a person that is playing to win, someone who doesn’t mind being criticized for “running up the score”, we want to see our enemies with nails in coffins as early as possible. All of the talk of the draft, all of the fire Dan Henning; We need a man like I speak of! We have the weapons at our disposal, with the right offensive mind we could put up points and put opponents out of their misery early and often! We are a very young team and will only get younger after this year, but with way more experience. I think we have what we need in Mike Nolan, we get the right person for offense and we can re-live some of the “glory days”! There are many things that we need as a team, the most important being a real “Field General”! My lone Christmas Wish? Find a man like I speak of and hire him right now and we can all have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!


*NOTE* I was not trying to offend anyone writing this thread!*

Let me explain some of the analogies before this thread gets out of hand.

1.    The terms used in football are from war era times. Everyone knows where the word “Blitz” came from correct? The “Trenches”, “Field Generals”, “The Bomb”, “The Pistol”, “The Shotgun”, etc; are all derived from war.

2.    I am only stating that the kind of person that I would like as an offensive coordinator, be like a man that I stated above. A real mean, hungry, hate’em but love’em, absolute leader. One whom will take their job very seriously, and will not take defeat very lightly. One whom may run up the score if they see fit.

3.    I was in real combat – from Bosnia to Operation Anaconda. I know the difference, I was just stating that I would like a coach that is more of a “Drill Seargant” than “Drill Bit Taylor”.

4.    It is Thanksgiving time, lets please not argue with each other. These are mere metaphors, can we not be peaceful Dolphin fans until Sunday?


I shall leave you with one last quote..

Dolphins are the only natural predator to piranhas!

“The sweetest mammal whom loves children and people, just so happens to be one of the most dangerous creatures over looked by man kind – If it were not for this mammal of war, who would save the fishermen in forgotten terrain? This is not any type of Bear that I speak of, but the adorable, lovable Dolphin – that just so happens to also be a master of war!”  Walt Disney – Yes I said it right!

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