Can The Bills Catch The Dolphins?

I know many of you don't like Armando Salguero but I think he is usually spot on.  Today in his blog he makes a case for just how mediocre the Dolphins are right now.  The Dolphins are 3 games behind the Patriots and the Jets.  The Dolphins are 3 games ahead of the Bills.  They are essentially middle of the pack.

But some of the things he talks about in the Miami Dolphins In Depth Blog really got me thinking.  Think about this for a second: 

  1. The Dolphins have the worst play at QB in the division!  Who would have thought that at the beginning of the year?  
  2. The Dolphins have the worst play at RB in the division!  Weren't the Dolphins suppose to have the best running game?
  3. The Dolphins have the worst production from WR's in the division!  You could say that goes hand in hand with QB play, but should that be the case with Marshall on the team?

Here is some of the things that Armando points out in his Blog about divisional QB play:

"Seriously, it was depressing on Sunday watching New York quarterback Mark Sanchez engineer a fourth-quarter rally -- his third late-game rally of the season -- and not believe he's getting progressively better. Sanchez has shown the improvement in his second year as a starter (15 TDs, 7 INTs) that Miami hopeful Chad Henne was not able to show before he was benched. Henne currently has 9 TDs and 11 INTs."

Most troubling, perhaps, when you weigh whether the Bills can catch Miami is that they are getting better QB play than Miami. Let me repeat. The team that benched and then cut its opening day starting QB is now getting decent play from backup Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has thrown 18 TDs to 9 INTs in 8 starts this season.

 How about the RB play:

The Bills are showing signs of a running game. Fred Jackson gained 116 yards and averaged 5.5 yards per carry against Cincinnati.

Miami starting RB Ronnie Brown hasn't gained 116 yards in the last three games combined and hasn't gained over 100 yards in a game since October 4, 2009. Ricky Williams hasn't had 116 yards in the last four games combined and also hasn't had a 100-yard game this season.

The last time the Dolphins did not have any 100-yard rusher in an entire season was 2004, the year Williams skipped out just prior to the season.

Does anyone think that the way things look right now that any Dolphin RB will gain over 100 yds in a game this year?  Hell the way things are going they might not even gain 100 yds rushing as a team in any game this year.


I don't know if the Bills can catch the Dolphins in the division this year.  I do believe that the Bills are playing better football right now.  With Miami's injury issues and some tough road games remaining, a 3 game lead doesn't seem all that large, even with only 6 games remaining.

I will leave you with this from Armando's Blog:

The folks in Buffalo insist Fitzpatrick is not a keeper, that he's not a starting-caliber player. Maybe not.

But if the Dolphins had a QB that threw twice as many TDs as interceptions and was averaging more than two TD passes per game, we'd have a name for that.



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