Poor FO Decisions !


Starks, Henning, Crowder, Carey & the O-LINE


“Starks' falloff has been dramatic -- from 56 tackles and seven sacks last season to 18 (a pace for 29) and two. Last year, PFF ranked him second-best among all 3-4 defensive ends. This year, he's 18th and last (45th) against the run.”



I knew right away this idea would NOT work out for us.  Moving Starks – our Best DE to NT in this stupid 3-4 would fail.  He is a little undersized for a pure NT. While we have played a LOT of 4-3 fronts – this has still hurt Starks.  He is a much better DE and MGT Failed him totally.  Hey Tony !!! - Make your scheme fit the players you have – don’t force them to fit the scheme you WANT to run.



“Some around the Dolphins expect this will be the final season for offensive coordinator Dan Henning, who is respected by his players but has made some calls this season that mystified some of them. But he has never received more national criticism than after Thursday. ``I don't know what Henning was thinking,'' ESPN's Tedy Bruschi said of Miami's lack of rushing attempts. Said Mark Schlereth: ``Inexcusable. I could have put this game plan together with a box of crayons and pizza box.'' 


I think most of us want to see Henning FIRED – many of us since last year.

This is yet another – and maybe the biggest FAILURE  from Tony & Bill.  Why is it so painfully clear to average fans and not management ?

How much has he hurt Chad Henne’s development ?  A lot I think.



Channing missed most of the year now he is back – and playing more average than EVER !(didn’t we cut someone named ROTH for missing fewer actual games ?)   Of course we were too busy drafting ODRICK , (ties to the failure at NT with Starks) Merling and Langford the last years – to bother with getting a tough run stuffer in the middle. Or a True NT !

Sure Dansby helped – but didn’t we all know that Chrowder was not worth resigning ? I did.



Carey was another signing I questioned – of course we can’t fix every problem at once. But they simply made a mess out of a good unit.   I knew right away that the constant juggling of O-Line during preseason would hurt us…. And it did.  Trading Smiley – MISTAKE… Cutting Jake Grove, Donald Thomas, and bringing in so many COWBOY  rejects helped to make a mess of this whole unit.  This was supposed to be a strength of this MGT team right ?


I know this FO has made some great decisions for sure, but average overall is not what the owner paid for !  It’s not what we were led to believe either.

This team is on the verge of needing a COMPLETE coaching dismissal. I’m looking at YOU Tony S !

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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