Is it too early?

To look toward the draft?  Most likely yes, and as I look forward to the draft each and every year I have found myself restraining myself from thinking about it way to early.  I try to limit myself from a mock draft until the a couple days from the actual event... and even though it is all in good fun, and I have no control over the Fins and their decisions I get worked about it.

So I figured I look at the Draft a little differently, than saying who the Fins need to take who they should take. I figured we'd evaluate each position and see where we stand.  As we all know there is a lot of football to be played, and anything can happen, but with the rumors of the Fins interested in Randy and Merriman I decided to go ahead and do this.

QB: I think Henne is the future, I think he is progressing well, and will be the QB everyone has been waiting for since you know who... so extreme low priority.

RB/FB: Polite is in no jeopardy of being cut, and will be with this team.  If remember correctly both Ricky and Ronnie's contract is up this season.  And I think the Fins need to get younger at this position.  And as much as I like Ronnie I think its times to let him go.  The Fins should not give him the money he is looking for, and he should play the FA field.  Ricky has been playing well, and I think he is getting older and the Fins know that.  I would like to see him resign for a small contract (if he is willing to keep playing) and the Fins draft a RB of the future. There a many good backs in the draft and think a 1st - 3rd pick will get some good value.  Still upset the Fins declined to sign L. Blount after the draft last year.

WR: I think this is another position that should be addressed as a luxury.  Another play making  WR will really open up the field for Bess and the running game.  It is not a need, but play maker in the first or second round would help.

TE: A much needed position.  Fasano looks like a second tier TE in the league, not the best receiving TE but a better than average blocker.  He works well in the Fins system, and I like him a lot.  But a back up TE is much needed.

OL: The OL is looking great... in the passing protection, struggling in the run department.  I know a 1 or 2 OL will be drafted toward the back end of the draft, but a big mauling interior OG or C will be good.

DL: When Odrick returns next year, this is a solid unit.

LB: Dansby and Wake are the real deal. Crowder is a good compliment, and Misi could definitely be a future OLB for many years. Depth is needed especially with Crowder's injury history.  So I think this position will not be addressed early but LB's make great ST players and we may see the Fins take them toward the back end.

DB: Well hopefully Sean Smith can bounce back and play balls out like Davis has been. Verdict is still out on the CB's behind them to become a nickel CB but this position again is not a priority.  Safety is a big surprise. I personally think Chris Clemmons has played surprisingly well. Some mishaps and hiccups in the road, but thats to be expected as a 1st year starter.  Bell plays well too, and is a gem... however his age is getting to be a concern.  Right now if he continues to play at a high level for a few more years, and allows Jones to develop the DB position can be solid.

Well thats it... I have my eye on a few players I like a lot... but again anything can happen...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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