Pass TO or ON Moss???


PASS!.. Don't pass to Moss, pass ON Moss. Please!

Is he talented? sure, but don't not confuse this guy as the same Moss of 5-10 years ago. That Moss had superior skills that were able to outweigh his negatives, but even that was only for short periods of time. With this older version of Moss, there are not even positives. How hard is he gonna play as soon as he discovers he is not getting a long term deal from us. What will then be more important to him, our Wins and losses, or his stats? How many decent blocks will he throw downfield. How blocks period will you ever see him make? Slim to none. You want him in Bmarsh ear every parctice telling him to save his body for receiving and not blocking? 

I was shocked to see that over 80% of the fin fans want to bring in Moss. Other than keeping him from NE, I completely disagree. He brings many more questions than answers.

Here is why:

Moss does not play hard every play. As Tom Jackson reiterated last night on ESPN, Moss has been quoted as "I play hard when I want to ". It one thing to play with that attitude, but to actually admit it, and say it out loud?? wow!

Moss often sulks when he is not involved.

Moss does not block- at all. I'd rather have Henne as the league blocker on an reverse than Moss. This regime expects WRs to block. How does this fit in? 

Moss is among the league leaders for interceptions on targeted throws. That tells you that he does not fight for the ball. How does that work for Henn's development?

Brandon Marshall has been a model citizen and player in every possible way. Why bring in an unkown element and possible disrupt this? This reason alone is enough to pass on Moss.

Moss' body of work  represents the exact opposite of the attitude our team has taken a long time to instill .

Our FO and coaching staff have worked very hard to develop the well-earned reputation of  a hard nosed, smash mouth, never say die team. We play with attitude. How does the Moss persona fit into this Mold??? 

Moss represents everything that is counter to the culture that the Sparano-led team has established. We are on the verge of becoming an strong contending team in this style of play. Bringing in a diva with dimishing skills is a step back, not forward.

Could we use someone to open the field up and create more space for the running game and for Bmarsh---sure? What offense couldn't use that quality. But with that comes a heavy heavy toll that will have ripples on the practice field, in the lockerroom, and at crunch time. get ready for the negative quotes, back stabbing and second guessing after a tough loss?

If we were an aging team, with a closing window on a championship run, I could understand  the signing. However, we are young. We are evolving. We are an up and coming team soon be taken seriously as an elite team.  It is 1st and ten for us--not fourth and long. There is no need for a hail mary.

BTY. How different we would our team be viewed going into to this week if the officials had gotten the correct call in Pittsburgh?

Please pass on this cancer, not to him!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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