He said, she said bull s^$#

The blame game. It's Henne's fault, no now it's thigpen. It's henning, no it's sparano. Ireland didn't get us there. Bill Parcells messed this one up. Can we all just blame Dave Wannstadt and Nick Saban again.

So whose fault is it. Didn't Parcells and Ireland promise us a stable offensive line and DEPTH. Cmon can we really complain here. Even those with the deepest offensive line cannot withstand 2 centers out of the game, a backup left guard playing right... cue Matty's article.

I am not going to sit here and say I TOLD YOU SO, for all the people who don't like Henne. However, as far as I'm concerned he has all the ability in the world and should one day develop into a perenial pro bowler.

It doesn't matter who we try and blame and where we try and pawn this one off to. The fact remains, that was the most painful dolphins game I ever watched. I haven't seen that kind of inept offense for the dolphins since i can't even remember when. Blame the short week.

Give me a break. The short week. I'm sorry, that is complete bs. The short week is not an excuse. For anyone who is the working world, can you work on two projects at once. Can you prepare for another, while finishing something else up. Its not like the short week came out of no where, we knew about this. Now cue the injury complaints. They couldn't have known. Well you know what prepare for the unexpected. And I;m sorry, i watch thigpen out there for two minutes and understand exactly what went wrong.

IT WASNT THE OFFENSIVE LINE. This is the only blame i actually have. Dan Henning, Sparano, David Lee, someone did not understand how this kid plays. He doesn't make plays off broken ones, he creates broken plays in order to throw the ball. He rolls out on every play. he drops back ten yards (too short) on every play. do you know why he got sacked 6 times ( not the bull rush time, btw where was the hot route receiver) because our blocking scheme was designed for a pocket passer. Henne, Pennington are out unless Ramsey is in the game, our QB is not a pocket passer, so please coaches deal with this.

I am not an NFL coach, nor am I prepared to be. However, it just seems that perhaps putting up a university of oregon type spread line and a te (or even murtha) in on every play could help thigpen roll out. these plays werent even close


anwyay im bored by now as some of you must be too, thats my thoughts

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