Since I Am The Driver Of The Tyler Thigpen Bandwagon – Some Things To Look For In Him



(AP) Quarterback Tyler Thigpen took practice snaps running the Miami Dolphins' offense for the first time this season Tuesday. (Notice he doesn't "pat the ball like Henne", and is no robot!)

Also the driver of the “Get New Medical Personnel In Miami”, because for one – What has been going on the last few years? You have all of these “Strange Illnesses” which lead to The Roth-Wilder being cut, John Jerry missing many games, many freak injuries, many “hidden injuries” – leads one to believe, What is REALLY Going On? *I know Roth probably wasn’t injured, but still*

 On to Tyler Thigpen, The new savior! (Honestly, NO.. but it would be nice)  The “Talk of the week”,  here at The Phinsider, our beloved site for our beloved Miami Dolphins. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about how he will perform, and that is rightfully so, considering how we as Miami Dolphin fans have been treated since the greatest QB to ever play, Dan Constantine Marino, retired after he was pretty much forced out and wanted to remain a loyal Miami Dolphin and retire as such!

They are saying that Tyler Thigpen is going to be a hot Fantasy Pick-Up? Well, in the 14 games he did play, he put up some points. Here is his fantasy numbers.


Glossary · CSV · PRE
Year Age G FantPos FantPt VBD PosRank OvRank
2007 23 1 QB 81
2008 24 14 QB 255 2 11 72
2009 25 2 QB 6 62
2010 26 2 QB 9 51
270 2


Not bad for a QB playing for the Chiefs in 2008. 11'th Overall Ranked QB!

Well, we all know that fantasy numbers aren't going to win us the games we need o make the play-offs! We will get a taste of his very energitic personality, that all of his teammates seem to enjoy.

Since we all know that today was the first time this whole season that Tyler Thigpen took snaps running the offense, how much can we really expect to see? What scares most of us significantly is the fact the Thiggy seems to take many chances; Rather it be rolling out and making a throw, trying to force a throw, his accuracy (which has much to do with the first two statements), and also the interceptions. Well, the interceptions are going to happen when you throw a guy in, trying to keep his job, in the last game of the season last year against The Steelers, while also trying to win the game when it seemed The Dolphins were trying to get a good draft position. We all know that last game was “suspect” after half-time! We did see something that we did not see much all season, A very nice pass to Devon Bess for a touch-down, on the roll might I add, avoiding the sack. The next is an expert from “The Football Insiders”, whom many on this site, even Matty, go to for stats and inside information.

“The Dolphins traded for Thigpen from the Chiefs for a 5th rounder when Pennington went down last season so they are a little invested with him.  Chad Pennington is coming off a major shoulder surgery that he might never recover from.

From the standpoint of just health and the ability to help the team I would say keep Thigpen.  Pennington might never recover from this injury and would waste a spot on the roster.  If the Dolphins wanted to they could put Pennington on IR to see if he ever recovers to save a roster slot that would be smart, but its not worth the chance.”

Even they suggest “Keeping Thigpen”, Chris Mortenson whom seems to know much about football and has a lot of inside information, has said “Tyler Thigpen is the best 3’rd QB in the league, and this might be the “spark” and “opportunity that the Dolphins have been looking for.” Very good things being said about our own Tyler Thigpen from the so-called experts.

Things to look for in Thursday’s game –

Does he stare down safetys? If so, does his eyes tell a different story?

Can he handle the pressure of trying to win, coming off a VERY short week, and will he try to impress too much?

Does he spread the ball around and make atleast decent decisions?

How does his play-actions look? Do they have the “it” factor and fool the defense?

Does he try to avoid the sacks, make some plays with his legs, ignore the handcuffs, and try to limit mistakes?

Will he try to stretch the field?

Does he show good poise in the pocket?

  Those are just some things to look for on a short week. We all know “All Eyes Will Be On Him” like Kaleidoscopes’ and the Tupac Album! Should we give up on him after his first start since 2008? Honestly, we gave Henne 20+ games, and Thigpen should at least get two baring he doesn’t make many mistakes, but it is a very short week for him, and I do expect a more explosive offense with Thigpen at the helm. Make no mistake, The Bears have a very good defense, and with our team banged up, I am expecting the worst and hoping for the best! I know every DolPhan is behind this kid, and he is only 26, so maybe we just might find a real QB, if not, I suppose we are looking at drafting another QB, and I will be on the Farofox bandwagon of drafting Luck. How do I know that I am actually leading this bandwagon? I was on it all of last year, and even the off-season this year – and have made several post dating back to when we traded for Thiggy last season, this offseason, pre-season, and plenty of threads this season.  I cannot wait to see how he handles this Prime-Time game!


Will We See The “Thig-Bone”?

LMAO - I had to do it ;-)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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