My Point of View

Well since everyone has his right to write whatsoever is in the top of his mind I'll take my turn. I just want to write about some issues that are bothering me and maybe you will find interesting.

1.  Putting Penny as the starter was a big mistake. He was not ready to play a REAL game, he looked good during the scrimmage season (preseason) games but after the first real hit from a real defense his shoulder just give up. The coaching staff should know better about Penny condition and expecting him to turn around everything was plan stupid.

 It was a mistake not because of Penny as many of you I loved the guy on 2008 and think is a great leader but he has no chance of success and the predictable thing happened just after the first missed block by Carey.

2. Chad Henne is entitled as a QB to throw to the guy who he thinks has the best chance to make the play. So 19 of 28 for 240 yds and a rating of 91.4 in three quarters of action against a Titans defense which has thrived getting turn overs is a really solid performance. So in this game Henne was routed to a 300 yds game has he stayed on the field.

But is he a bad QB because the ball wasn't going Marshall way? Hell no, both completions to Fasano for 30 yds and the flea flicker to Hartline for 50 is the game he has gone deep better all season. If not going to Marshal means Fasano will get a 100 yds game and Hartline will have a 90 yds game I'm not seeing a problem.

3. I agree Henne is not accurate enough, I agree he must place the ball on sweeter spots for his WRs but, am I the only one that thinks the receivers should bring down a pass when in tight coverage? I see our receivers failing when they have to make a play on the ball. It's easy to say the pass was misplaced, but if the receiver still is in position to make a play why they never make it?

4. I was happy to see Marshall erupt, he showed fire in him and I'm ok with that. Now I think he needs to step it up the latest times he has been thrown "deep" he is always trailing the CB thats not exactly the best situation to throw to him.

5. Thigpen has his chance if he light Chigago up is his job to lose and I will shut up and sig that Thigpen was the answer and Henne can start looking for job somewhere else. I'm skeptical about Thiggy so on Thursday will see.

6. Reshard Jones just looked like he belonged there. Amazing closing speed, always around the ball, we could be seeing our safety problems been solved sooner than expected, if Bell is not up to level Clemmons or Jones (Clemmons more likely) could move to SS and we will have a complete young and dangerous secondary.

On this same page Al Harris looked great on his playing time. He really brought something the youngers were missing. His tackle to prevent a 1st down on Justin Gage was a a seasoned guy showing how to do things.

Thats all from me, as usual all bashing and comments are welcome.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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