Fr8 Train's Week 10 Rant

So here I am sitting in my office on Monday morning  and I'm thinking back to what has just transpired in the past 24 hours.  The answer, is A TON.


Chad Pennington

Someone has already posted a Salute to Chad Pennington, so I won't make a huge post about it, but I think its pretty safe to say we've probably seen the last snap CP10 will ever take in the NFL.  Even if he undergoes another shoulder surgery, there won't be a team (most likely including us), that will be willing to re-sign him, and its blatantly clear how brittle he is.

You wanna know what is amazing?  The Dolphin Fan Base love for Chad Pennington.  Its a true testament to exactly the type of player and person Pennington is.  I mean, here is a guy who played for our most hated rival for 8 years, came to us with something like a week before the season started, and played exactly 1 season, 3 games, and 2 snaps in total.... and I can't think of a fan who doesn't love the guy, including me.  Sure, he lead a team during the perfect storm season, and thats probably why we all love him... but it still amazes me that he captured our hearts in such a short time....



Chad Henne


Yup, that was Chad Henne looking pretty damn good on the field on Sunday.  Once again, the running game completely made us one dimensional, but some some crazy reason, all of a sudden I'm seeing empty backfields, and aggressive play calls.... and Henne delivered 2 TD drives, and 3 FG drives.    We'll see where he is at for the rest of the season, but if he does come back, it'll be late in the season.... I'm guessing he sits (yes I know I'm not exactly bucking the current prognosis hehe).

He'll be back next year, and I'll bet my ridiculous government salary that he's the starter in 2011, with Thigpen has his primary backup, and we'll draft a QB somewhere between 2nd and 4th in the next draft.



and that brings us to..... Tyler Thigpen


Yes, thats obviously not Thigpen, but there are many around here that have already anointed him as "The Savior", or "A New Era", or the guy with the "IT" factor.  He's not really any of these things...Yet.

He led the team on a scoring drive, which isn't a shocker, as most of us have known he can 'move the ball downfield.'  That was never in question when it came to Thigpen.  He just doesn't make the best decisions for an entire game.

In Preseason this year against 'vanilla' defenses, he only completed 57.1% of his passes, 2 TDs, and 1 INT, while recording 7 sacks.

Thigpen scrambles well, but he's not Mike Vick, and that can be taken away.  He's an emotional guy which is nice to see.  He gets fired up, and you gotta believe teammates will feed off it.  

Here something that will shock you.  Noone here, wanted Thigpen as our Quarterback going to the time he was playing in Kansas City....if you say you did, you are a lying.  There wasn't a single person advocating for Tyler Thigpen.  When we acquired him, we all wanted him to supplant Pat White, but noone wanted him to start.  NOW, everyone wants to say they 'called it', or 'I told you so', or 'why isn't he getting respect'.  

Get over yourselves.  There isn't a single person on this forum disrespecting Tyler Thigpen.  There isn't a single person on this forum that is rooting AGAINST Tyler Thigpen, and my guess is many of you are the same people that are bitching and moaning that Brian Hartline or Chad Henne were given their jobs due to injury and hadn't "EARNED IT".....well guess what... Thigpen is in that same boat....

He should get to show his goods off on Thursday night against the Bears (a game we should win).  

(and as a side note, that whole DIDN'T EARN their spot is BS...noone is given a spot in a multi million dollar business).

Tony Sparano

So, coming into this week, one of the head coaches quotes talked about wanting to see if our offensive problems were the play caller (Henning), or the trigger man (Henne)?  Well I have to admit, I don't know.  

Ricky Williams himself came out and said that Henne wasn't given the ability to audible.  Now, call Ricky anything you want, but the guy has always been upfront and truthful, so I'll take him at his word on this.  However, TS later comes out and says it was Henne who was calling for all the Max Protect which is it?  I'm siding with Henne on this one, solely based on Ricky's quote.

Henning on the other hand, clearly heard TS, and opened things up this past weekend.  We took several shots down field, and we didn't run a 2 TE set on almost every play.... its amazing, more Receivers, means more guys likely to be open.....which means good things.....shocker!   But damn it, we don't have Manning or Brady at QB...and we need SOME KIND OF RUNNING GAME to threaten teams with, and keep them honest in coverage.   We are supposed to be a Run First team... but we'll all be damed if we are, because we CAN NOT RUN THE BALL, and noone is going deep into any playoffs without that threat.

Rant Continued....

Hey, we are now 5-4 and in the thick of it playoff wise.  We've got a winnable game against the Bears this week.  The Bears offense has scored just 3 more points than us all season long, however, their defense has allowed 46 less points. Don't let that Defense scare you, as they've played a lot of struggling teams like Detroit, Dallas, Carolina, Washington, Buffalo, and Minnesota.

We had a lot of guys get nicked up against Tennessee, so lets hope they all recover quickly.  I expect both Jake Long and Cameron Wake to play, which will increase our chances to win.  

We've also got a good lineup of games to ease Thigpen into the mix...Chicago, Oakland, and Cleveland.  Now, Oakland nor Cleveland are no longer gimme wins as they've been playing good football lately, but they certainly aren't the Ravens, Steelers or Packers.  Hell, 5 of our remaining 7 games are still very winnable (CHI, OAK, CLE, BUF, DET)...the other 2 are against NE and the Jets...which can always go either way.

A wildcard spot is still in play folks.....I think its a long shot, but we're not dead yet.


  • Is it too early to anoint Dan Carpenter as the team's MVP this season?
  • I noticed Thigpen rolling out a lot?  Remember when Henne did that often last season?  Why did they stop putting that in for him?
  • Brian Hartline.  Another great performance.  Currently ranked 36th or so in Yards receiving in the NFL, which is exactly where you want your #2 guy to be.  Bess is just barely ahead of him.
  • Anthony Fasano.  I swear to god if you disappear for the next 5 games, we'll hunt you down.  You can't give us flashes like that, and then go back to dropping wide open passes, and disappearing.  You just can't.
  • Can i get more empty backfield sets please?  We have no running game anyway.
  • Where did all the Sean Smith detractors (much better word then Hater btw) go?  Just curious.
  • I love flea flickers....Love 'em!
  • Brandon Marshall has a cannon.  I remember stories from Training Camp about him going throw for throw with the QBs... I'd love to see him throw some on a reverse or something.   I love that new wrinkle.

Enough random thoughts......Gotta go back to work!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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