2011 Miami Draft

Well Dolphin fans the 2010 season is a the halfway point and the 
Dolphins are 4-4. Are they going to make the playoff this year? They 
certainly could if they make some midseason adjustments on offense.

Correct the poor tackling on defense.

Jeff Ireland and Coach Sparano need to have a heart to heart about 
offensive philosophy with Dan Henning.

Some of the offensive play calling is puzzling. Ricky and Ronnie are 
really haven't been used much, especially catching passes in the flat. 
Some of that is because of the Brandon Marshall and the emergence of 
Devone Bess. Brian Hartline is good but he and Roberto Wallace need 
more participation in the offense it make teams have to prepare for 
more threats.

Iv'e been a Dolphins fan since 1976. I was nine years old. I rout for 
them when their good or bad. It's best too be fair when evaluating your 

So what do the Dolphins need for the rest of this year and upgrade to 
next year?

A. Dolphins are paying cornerback Jason Allen $4 million a year to sit 
on the bench for the second time in his career. He was drafted in 2006, 
benched last year in favor of Sean Smith, won his starting position, 
then proceded to lose it again for poor performance. Miami released 
safety Girbril wilson for the same reason last year, big contract, poor 
performance. You can draft someone in the later rounds to train behind 
Vontae and Sean.

So what do the Dolphins need to become a elite team? Let me state 
clearly, it's not quarterback. There is nothing wrong with Chad Henne. 
All the great quarterbacks started mediocre or they were really 
horrible. You should look up the first and second year stats for Joe 
Montana, Phil Simms, Jim Kelly, Troy Aikman, Bret Favre, or Warren 
Moon. All of these guys are in the Hall of fame but you wouldn't know 
it in their first few years in the NFL.

I will give three selections per round. The Dolphins DO NOT have a 
second round pick for 2011. They gave their 2010 and 2011 pick to the 
Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall.
Of course, the Dolphins could move down in the draft like they did last 
year, in order to get a second round pick. As of Nov 8th the Dolphins 
are 18th.

FIRST ROUND: The whole Miami Dolphins draft depends on Ricky Williams. 
He'll be 34 years old next year. If he retires you must replace him. I 
would only sign Ricky to a one year contract and let him retire with 
dignity. He's been through hell the last five years. Even though he 
caused it.

Running Back: Demarco Murray (Oklahoma). Versitile and fast. He can 
return punts, kick offs and has great hands out of the back field. 
Dolphins could use him like the Saints use Reggie Bush. (Check out 
Murray on you tube). Murray is NOT a guy you give ball to 15-20 times. 
He's a speed guy and dynamic.

If not Murray, the choice should be Mark Ingram( Alabama) Fast and 
durable. You can give him the ball 15-20 times. Heisman trophy winner,. 
ususally, the Heisman winner would scare me off but Ingram wouldn't be 
a bust. (Check out Ingram on youtube)

I like Ryan Williams(Virginia Tech) as well. I'd take him over Ingram 
but I don't know if he's coming out. He's a redshirt sophomore. Really 
fast and can catch out the backfield. vey durable and humble.(Check 
Williams out on you tube).

Iv'e seen all of these guys play.

If Ricky doesn't retire these are the ONLY players I would spend money 
on in the first round. These two are what the Dolphins need.

Defensive Tackle/ Nose Tackle: Stephen Paea(Oregon St). Pronounced 
(Pie-uh). This kid is a beast. If you watch him play you can't beleive 
he weighs 310 pounds. He has cat like reflexes, and moves like a 
oversized linebacker. You would have Soliai and Paea holding that spot 
for the next five to seven years. Paea didn't speak engish until five 
or six years ago. He's from Tonga, and like a lot of Polynesians from 
Samoa and Tonga he wanted to play professional rugby.

I've watched him play. You'll like him as well.(You tube) Stephen Paea.

You would have Polynesian power at the nose tackle position. Soliai 
finally got his act together and is performing at a high level. This 
gives the opportunity to move all of your defensive ends around at 

Dolphins would have Starks, Langford, McDaniel, Odrick and Merling. 
Merling will have to serve a suspension for Domestic abuse (slapping 
his pregnant girlfriend). McDaniel had to serve a similar suspension 
for the same offense. They also have Ryan Baker in the reserve role. 
They would need one more defensive end to complete the desired eight 
players in the 3-4 defense. Miami is paying Merling 1.7 Million 
dollars. Got to earn your money or get cut.

Miami would have some the best defensive ends in the NFL. Miami would 
have no reasons for poor defensive line play.

Last Player First Round: Stefen Wisniewski(Penn st) (You Tube) 

Miami has a very good offensive line. Henne doesn't get sacked very 
often and has time to throw down field. I mentioned the play calling 
before this is one of the Dolphins problems on offense.
Miami has been scrapping leftovers from the waiver wire to fill 
offensive line positions.Mostly, leftovers from the Dallas Cowboys.
Even though Pat McQuistan has played fairly well at right guard while 
John Jerry was injured.

Wisniewski can play center and guard. I've seen him play both. This kid 
can thump and hold his own against anybody. he's smart, tough and comes 
 from good pedigree. His dad(Colts) and uncle Steve(Raiders, 13 years) 
played in the NFL.

Miami would have John Jerry, Joe Berger, Richie Incognito, and Pat 
McQuistan on the interior line. All have played well but Wisniewski 
would cement the offensive line. Of course, you have Vernon Carey and 
Jake Long at offensive tackle. They ranked number two and seven last 
year at thier positions. Those two are godsent bookends. If you need to 
borrow a couple bucks they are the guys too see. Also, Andrew Garner 
will be returning, he is the backup to Vernon and Jake, hopefully he 
can stay healthy.

SECOND ROUND: No Selection. Traded to the Denver Broncos(Brandon 
Marshall) unless Miami trades down like they did last year. That's how 
they drafted Koa Misi.


Miami needs a backup/starter for Cameron Wake and Karlos Dansby. 
Cameron can't go sixty minutes pushing 300 lb offensive tackles and not 
get worn out. Miami brings shuttles Tim Dobbins in for Karlos and 
Channing. They shuttle in Ryan Baker for Cameron. Cameron is a 250 lb 
linebacker, Ryan Baker is a 295 defensive end.

Jabaal Sheard (Pittsburgh): He's a "tweener" meaning a oversized 
linebacker, undersized defensive end. Sheard would be great fill in for 
Cameron. Only problem is Sheard may not last to the third round, he's a 
very good pass rusher and tackler (you tube).

If not Sheard then it should be his teamate Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh) 
Romeus is Jason Taylor's height, about 6-6 268 lbs. Slightly undersized 
for a defensive end but heavy enough and strong enough to play outside 

Romeus had a back injury in early September which required herniated 
disc surgery. He hasn't played since September but will return November 
The injury has cost him plenty. When the season started he was a first 
round draft pick. He's slipped all way to the fourth or fifth round. 
Romeus is a good value pick at the third round.. You would be stealing 
a first round talent in the third round.

Miami has had a problem letting running backs get to the outside corner 
and these two are very good at stretching out plays to the sidelines.

Last selection for the third round is Sam Acho(Texas). Nice size 
linebacker/defensive end 6-3 260 lbs. He would be another good 
compliment to Cameron Wake. This kid is highly intelligent. He's a 
finalist for the Campbell award (Academic Heisman). He skipped his 
freshman year academically because he tested out. (YouTube)

I live in Texas and have seen him play several times. He's tough and 
has high character. The Texas Longhorns put him at defensive tackle at 
times. He's a bit undersized for that but he holds his ground. He's 
more of a hybrid "Tweener" like Romeus and Sheard.


This would be a toss up for the backup/starter for Karlos Dansby. Miami 
has A.J. Edds coming back next year, hopefully, good form. It's too bad 
Dolphin fans didn't get too see him play. A.J. is Channing Crowders 
backup. Channing better be careful A.J. is big, fast and a better cover 
guy than Channing. Check youtube when he was at Iowa last year. I think 
he's the fastest of all the dolphin linebackers.

Chris Carter (Fresno State) (You tube) Outside linebacker/defensive 
end. Carter plays in the 3-4 defence. Excellent pass rusher. You could 
easily move him inside. He has good football instincts. Just relentless 
pass rusher and good tackler. I've seen him play a couple of times. 
He's a thumper.

Casey Matthews (Oregon) Great instincts for football. Good 
tackler,great pass rusher. He has a excellent football pedigree. His 
brother Clay, plays for Green Bay. His dad Clay, played 19 years, his 
Uncle Bruce played for Houston and in the hall of fame. His grandfather 
played for the 49ers in 50's.

Can you imagine trying to live up to that legacy? You wouldn't need 
much to motivate and mold him into a great player. Dolphin fans would 
love watching him play.

Enough said about Chris and Casey. Just watch them on you tube or on 
T.V. Either one of them could train with Karlos.

FIFTH ROUND: Dolphins need a backup cornerback after releasing Jason 

Byron Maxwell (Clemson) Great speed size. Hard hitter. The kid will 
knock your block off. I saw him knockout the tailback for Auburn on a 
running play. He's 6-1, 208. Very Physical. He could step in for Sean 
or Vontae when the need a rest. Byron is one of the gems you look to 
polish. Byron also plays special teams. (Youtube)

James Rodgers (Oregon St) Dolphins some life in their kickoff and punt 
returns. James is excellent at this. Rodgers is one of the best special 
teams guys in college football. he was Oregon St. leading receiver 
before he was injured and out for the season. Dolphins could work a few 
slot receiver play with him because of his open field running skills. 
he could return punts with Devon Bess. I've heard Rodgers might 
petition for another year in the NCAA because of his injury. (You tube)

.The sixth and seventh rounds are for backup offensive lineman and 
defensive end positions. maybe even special teams. I don't want to go 
that far becuase you can't pick availbility.

I will revaluate these selections again after the season is over.


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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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